24 Aug 2017 20:34:58
A pal of mine who I work with is a Villa fan and he said that Forest have been making enquiries about Tommy Elphick, he's a CB, helped Bournemouth achieve promotion but fallen out of favour at Vila. Anyone heard anything else about this?

1.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 20:46:49
I have seen a site suggest we need him, not enquired about him.

2.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 21:42:57
I'd take him! Knows the league well and was captain at Villa last year I think. So the quality and leadership is there

3.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 22:12:39
A Warrior and over a season I'd sooner have him than Terry for our team!

4.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 06:13:34
I would always be guarded about buying anyone Steve Bruce is willing to sell.

5.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 06:51:51
Apparently he wants to leave, Villa don't want him. My work colleague thinks he's only got around one year left on his contract. Surely would be worth a cheeky offer?

6.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 06:59:35
a pal of mine who I work with is a Liverpool fan-no hang on a minute he's a Liverpool fan how could I class him as a pal?? 🤔

7.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 08:26:05
Lest we forget - we have a promotion winning CB in our squad already in Jack Hobbs. Possibly the club's best out and out defender but his lesser technical ability than the others make me wonder if he might have to find a new club soon.

Personally I wouldn't want to sign anyone who Di Matteo brought into Aston Villa at the start of last season.

8.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 08:55:00
LDN. It is not who signed them but how good they are, and if they would fit into the managers way of doing things.

9.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 11:42:29
Don't understand the eituation with hobbs. Most fans see him as the best cb at the club. Is he fit or not? Mancienne and worral are not as good, or mills but at least mills has a gob on him and has improved. Natural captain in hobs but if he is finnished then let us know. Assuming they are just running own his contract and using him sparingly!!!!

10.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 12:02:59
Rr1. I think you guessed right, running his contract out and using him sparingly, as good as he is a fragile body is working against him.

11.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 12:15:04
olly burkes just gone to west brom for 15mil, shows what a great deal fawaz got for us when his price went up by 2mil for sitting on the bench for a year!

12.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 12:25:54
99 - not sure what you mean by that post but I fail to see how the original deal wasn't a good deal for all parties. Although he hasn't played much i'm sure he will have improved as a player and as a person - look at the quality we've recently signed with a much smaller amount of cash???

13.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 12:40:12
@Nffc99 - I take your point about Fawaz being useless, and he certainly caused a hell of a lot of damage to Forest during his 5 years here.
However, in fairness, Burke and more to the point Burke's agent were pushing for him to leave that summer.
The best (only?) offer on the table was the one from Leipzig so Fawaz took it.

Frankly, the whole deal stank: aggressive agent, disloyal young player and deceitful owner (who had promised no players leaving that summer).

Thankfully, Forest have moved on now and are no longer a sinking ships with rats.

14.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 14:14:19
We'll probably end up with "Michael" Elphick!!Then we could play a "Three Up Two Down" formation!!😂😂😋😋

15.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 14:40:55
Lol, used to love that, Daphne!

16.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 19:58:37
Boon,hi ho silver lol

17.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 20:23:58
Was he not also the Poacher in Withnail? We'll take another goal poacher if he's as good as Murphy, Cummings and McKay.

18.) 26 Aug 2017
26 Aug 2017 13:27:48
Not sure about Elphwick. haven't seen loads of him but we might not need anyone if Mills can keep improving and Hobbs can get back fit (he did well against Newcastle when he came on!) especially now Bridcutt will be sat in front of the back four!
Burke didn't want to leave Forest, in interviews he said he knew nothing about the deal until it was all but agreed. Was a greedy agent and owner in Fawaz but to be fair the pair of greedy gits got a great deal for both Forest and Burke. Be interesting to see how he does in PL as I didn't think he was ready for that step up yet and should have stayed for another year really. .won't be surprised if you see Burke out on loan in championship again by this time next year!