29 Oct 2017 17:51:02
Mw the difference between a good manager with no defence and df with no defence. stick with this man were going places if we do, you reds.

1.) 29 Oct 2017
29 Oct 2017 19:49:10
Well that’s a load of mumbo jumbo Jay!
Have you had too many spins on the waltzers?

2.) 29 Oct 2017
29 Oct 2017 21:37:54
Will this diatribe over DF from you skegs ever cease. Leave it now as Dougie was a forest player and manager who gave us everything. Show some respect.

3.) 30 Oct 2017
30 Oct 2017 14:51:25
Skeg dougie did an amazing job under a lot of constraints and a bonkers owner.
I'd love to see you do a better job!
Show some courtesy skeg.
Skeg, the difference between a mushroom and algae.

4.) 30 Oct 2017
30 Oct 2017 17:46:11
Ha ha just can't let it go 😂

5.) 31 Oct 2017
31 Oct 2017 18:20:03
Skeg, what would Dougie have done with this squad and owner, not the dross he was dealt. As stated you can't let it go, the thinking posters realise what a great job he did.

6.) 02 Nov 2017
02 Nov 2017 06:14:16
Hear hear johnny, i concur.