31 Dec 2017 18:04:38
And how much will it cost the club to pay off Warburton, Weir and McParland?

How much of a transfer kitty will the new man want? Not one of you didn’t want these three when they were appointed. I think there was even a campaign in here to ensure McParland was hired.

You won’t see the hypocracy, you won’t see the madness. You haven’t for the past 10 years when a procession of decent managers have been hounded from the club.

You’ll start on this owner soon. It is only a matter of time.
You don’t want stability, disruption adds a little spice to what otherwise are sad little lives

1.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 18:12:32
Happy New Year!

2.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 18:16:16
Scathing description of some of the people on here. The sad truth is, a lot of them don’t realise this actually describes them perfectly.

Sad day.

3.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 18:27:07

Any possible new manager will be told hoe much is available, if they are not happy they will not sign.

From what i gather McPharland left of his own will.

4.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 18:32:53
I for one am saddened that another manager has gone but equally I do not want to be relegated to league 1.
Warburtons results were just not good enough and whilst I expect people to disagree . better a change now while we have a chance to regroup and deploy a new football strategy
Let's just hope it will be a Happy New year

5.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 18:42:22
Has someone started on the new years tipples early Wishey 🍺🍺🍺

6.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 18:45:17
Your description of most of the posters on this site is absolutely accurate.

Another premature and costly decision taken on the eve of the transfer window.

Our club is a laughing stock and so are most it’s fans.

We have made massive progress in the 9 months of new ownership.

What happened to Randall’s quote of “intensive care”,and “it will take time” and “Mark will be given time”? Pathetic!!

7.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 19:11:43
If we won every game there would be nobody on this site.

8.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 19:19:06
North Notts have to agree with you.
My worry is I've heard similar things in the past from the likes of Mark Arthur,
Randall says nothing hardly,it was just a buttering up exercise to appease the fans the owners need to come up with the right man and if they can't get him now then wait and at least get this one right.
Or well be discussing the same thing come the summer.
Stability was the most important thing this season,not panic.

9.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 19:33:15
Absolutely the right decision. It wasn’t getting better it was getting worse. The January targets were more Scottish dross.

Every game will be different with teams adopting diffrent styles, formations and tactics. You must adapt, on a wet and windy night away at Burton on a bog of a pitch you can’t play tic tac football!

Warburton was a stubborn man and time to go.

10.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 19:47:21
Wrong question?

How much will it cost to lose 5,000 fans every game?

5,000 x £20 = £100,000 per game.

11.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 20:24:32
We won’t lose any fans if the right Manager is appointed.

Funds will be given to sign good players in the right area.

We need a goalkeeper with experience, an old fashioned Tony Adams style centre half who can lead a goal scorer and another combative midfield player.

Right additions and all will be good.

12.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 00:46:39
This all feels a little like Brexit, doesn’t it?

Short sighted people voting for OUT.

Long sighted voting for IN.

13.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 01:50:30
I wanted Rowett actually and I remember quite a few others on here as well saying the same.Nobody on this site or playing on keyboards had anything to do with sacking the manager and if you believe this it's embarrassing and your deluded. 20k plus crowd booing at the end of another poor home performance will have been echoing in the ears of the hierarchy within the city ground.Business people/football people who have decided change is needed.Happy new year n all that. .

14.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 06:32:44
Sorry LDN red this has nothing to do with Brexit. Some of the performances have been woeful and for me getting worse. Sunderland have probably been the worst team at City Ground this season and we couldn't break them down. MW sacking has been coming rumours of bust ups with players, first team players not happy etc etc. It's about results and although some performances have been decent a lot haven't. The signings made also have not exactly been successful. Mackay is inconsistent, Cummings looks out of his depth against experienced Championship defenders. I like Bridcutt. Bouchalakis reminds me of Kasami and Dariwka looks like he needs to been in League 1. Murphy st 34 can't be expected to play every game and against Sunderland he looked tired. With 3 tough fixtures up next I can see up slipping further down the table.

15.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 08:58:09
no 22 we lost about 15000 fans in 15 minutes against wednesday

16.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 09:35:37
Tbh posting on here makes us all a bit sad 😟😟

17.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 11:26:33
Long sighted people voted to remain and keep MW, oh do stop talking twaddle. I saw no referendum from the club asking us to vote to keep him? I suppose the club is going into recession now LDNRed? We're doomed. 😨

18.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 11:47:41
Personally I think wishey you must have a very sad outlook on life after that description of people on here it's supposed to be a banter site obviously you don't have that if you think the owners look on here what we talk about your a sad deluded person

19.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 12:14:07
Purely an anology of course so to take it quite literally is a little strange.

The point behind it all was that he was aware of our short comings and wanted to recruit players to improve us. To this day, I still believe he would’ve improved us given time.

20.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 12:22:20
Only weak people that want to be controlled by external powers voted for IN, LDN red.

21.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 23:03:36
That's what I'm talking about Psycho.👏👏👏