19 Mar 2018 19:35:36
Isaac Hutchingson, and Alan Fleming have been having trials with us, would they only be with the u23's or possibly to see if they might be good for next season, bringing them gradually into the first team.

1.) 19 Mar 2018
19 Mar 2018 20:42:25
I know where you’re coming from Robbo, it’s great to see young players come through. My own view is that you can’t have more than three in the squad at any time .
What will we do with Worrall, Walker, Cash, Grant Yates smith, Brereton, locovitti and Ariyibi next season. I think we have to be more realistic about the academy and the quantity of stars it will produce

2.) 19 Mar 2018
19 Mar 2018 20:51:20
Very good point 2star

3.) 19 Mar 2018
19 Mar 2018 21:44:14
Tell Burnley we will swap Worrall for Sam Vokes 😉

4.) 20 Mar 2018
20 Mar 2018 09:53:15
Hutchinson and Fleming don't look like 1st Team material to me; if they came they would join the U23s I think.