28 Mar 2018 20:34:24
I was a worried when the NP printed that we have injuries to three key players
Instantly I thought hope it's not Colback Tomlin Tobias Lolley our new captain ect but no 2 out of the 3 were Dowell and Murphy
What a relief! Shows how far we have come in just a short time
Although Cash will be missed.

1.) 28 Mar 2018
28 Mar 2018 20:40:18
cash will not be missed.the more games he misses the better chance of a win for the reds.cash and crap go together.

2.) 28 Mar 2018
28 Mar 2018 21:35:59
Ha ha agreed. Murphy injured again. What’s the point?? He could be our new Matty fryatt!

3.) 29 Mar 2018
29 Mar 2018 02:30:23
Cash is a good young player full of energy and desire, don't get where your coming from there Blidred.

I'll miss you Cashy:)

4.) 29 Mar 2018
29 Mar 2018 10:50:30
That's the spirit blid let's pick on another youngster and really boost his confidence??

5.) 29 Mar 2018
29 Mar 2018 11:25:20
Why do some people on this site get a perverse pleasure in knocking our young players. Do they not realise that all it does is drain the confidence from the youngsters. If you think they do not read these insane comments then think again. Cash has been played by the manager but of course these posters know better than our manager. .NOT

6.) 29 Mar 2018
29 Mar 2018 17:40:33
I don’t think the players will be on this site much so I wouldn’t worry.

7.) 31 Mar 2018
31 Mar 2018 09:04:56
I think Cash is a quality player. Give him another season or two and he will be a super player for us. Goals coming into his game now.

8.) 01 Apr 2018
01 Apr 2018 16:26:00
Blidred you and negative fans getting on our young players back are one of reasons we struggle. Cash has been passionate and affective this season, maybe he isn’t always technically amazing but he works hard and is a young lad learning the game. Your comment disgusts me and fans like you are a disgrace to our club.