07 Apr 2018 18:28:39
After a decent unbeaten run gave us some breathing space we are back to being an embarrassing shambles of a team that are all to easy to score against.
If Brentford do the usual in the week and turn us over at home then by the time we get to play the Barnsley fixture it could have massive significance and could see them overtake us in the league.

That postponement could really cost us as at the time if we'd managed to beat them we would have been as good as safe. Now they are playing better and we are getting worse.

1.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 19:45:09
Good post Fred but the warning signs have been there for a while now.
Not scoring is always going to end badly as it's a matter of time before we started leaking goals again.
To many loans in the side,it never works long term.
Time to drop them all and play players who are here next season.
Other than tobias I don't want to see any of the others next season.

2.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 20:58:15
Very true. Keeping clean sheets papered over the cracks somewhat.
Apart from the QPR game where everything we hit went in, goals have been as rare as hens teeth. Once the clean sheets dried up it was always going to spell trouble.

3.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 21:51:49
Three goals I've seen in all our home games fred and one away at hull.
Given up with away games too expensive a day to watch his tactics.
Stands there with his hands in his pockets.
Shows no passion and it shows on the pitch.