10 Apr 2018 23:19:38
It was clear to see tonight that we are desperate for 3 new strikers. To me BB could do with going out on loan to a leauge 1 team to build confidence and learn his trade as a striker he's not good enough for this league at the moment. We really do need to improve the squad we have not got strength in numbers the left side of the pitch was none existent today osborn drifted in to much and left the winger with plenty of room and tomlin struggled playing on the wing we did look better balanced when cash came on.i do believe that karanka is the right man i saw plenty of positives tonight but it was a case of fine margins. We were unlucky tonight. Bring on saturday you reds

1.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 00:41:08
Karanka only has 30 odd to pick from of course he needs more players?
Tomlin struggled with his fitness and wasn't playing on the wing,might have been a prayer though.
Too many old players or players not fit he's signed due to not playing for their clubs.
It tells in this league and they can't cope with 3 games in 8 days.
He has the players to change it but won't.
Can't keep playing colback and Watson in home games.
The official crowd today was 20 thousand plus?
There wasn't more than 16 in reality and while the mist rolled on from the Trent the fans are very quiet.
There is no atmosphere.
All is not well in general.

2.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 09:21:46
When are you some of you lot going to realise that AK has to been given more than 3 months to influence his management attributes, the improvement is not going to happen until next season.

3.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 09:34:18
Sorry Sutton it's not going to happen at all.
How do you know he'll get it right next season? There are no signs of that happening.
He'll just want more players and More after that.
We need someone who can mould our players into a team with a few additions,not a full scale massacre of the squad.
He's done that already and made some bad decisions and only the fact that Sunderland and Burton are so bad is the only reason we will be playing champioship football next season.
So why stick with him?.

4.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 11:19:02
Well, how do you know it won't? 3 months does not mould a squad, especially after all the constant change we have had over the years. Understand until time and patience is given to the manager we won't move forward. If nothing has changed by the end of 2018, then I will hold my hands up.

5.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 11:51:08
It's a results game and they are appalling.
The Greeks have already shown they don't have patience by sacking warbo.
We were promised stability,but that went out the window at Xmas,and things have got worst.
My opinion is it's easier to get rid at the season end than take a chance he'll get it right,when the signs are he won't.
That way the loans go back and the new man has the summer to prepare.
All I wanted was a manager to last a full season and that's what I was expecting but the Greeks decided otherwise.
It'll make no difference anyway what I or you think anyway,the Greeks will decide not the fans,this site is for opinions and be boring if we all thought the same