10 Apr 2018 23:32:17
The manager we need was stood in the Brentford technical area and he can bring left back with him,
Good manager who plays attractive football and best left back I've seen this season in championship.

1.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 09:18:54
yep, let's change the manager again, he has been here far to long!! I give up!

2.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 10:49:56
Shame we can’t just get rid of some of our fans as quick as they want rid of the managers?!?!

3.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 12:18:33
I expect no less from "glass half empty" FF79, he may give us a break and forget his password again

4.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 12:20:09
I remember about 3 years ago, when Psycho was in charge, people wanted him replaced with the fella that was in charge of Brentford, due to his success and their great football.

That all worked out well!!

Careful what you wish for

5.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 12:36:29
Red dog I say it how it is 14 points from 16 games and no goals in six games that spells big trouble.
Looks like warbo has saved us two seasons running.
No wonder my glass is half empty.
If your happy watching Karanka football then that's your problem.🍻🍻

6.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 13:11:31
No 79, you say it how your warped mind sees it, not "as it is"
I didn't like what I saw last night and think BB needs to be in the u23s as he's not good enough yet
I also saw a few players that AK brought in creating chances that we could not finish.he has had one window to beg and borrow players so he needs the summer and a pot to add to the squad.
Warbo would have carried on creating a lightweight side resembling the Scottish championship.
I will keep supporting AK in his efforts. Warbo has gone (thank god) so get on with it and stop the tears.

7.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 13:48:04
So I'm imagining he's only won three games and we can't score to save our lives.
No I'm not it's what I've witnessed first hand
You keep backing him pal,It won't be for long.

8.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 15:39:01
Problem with you mate is you seem to want him to fail so you can gloat and keep waffling on about Warbo?
I want him to succeed and back him as I did Warbo until he drained me of any confidence I had in him. AK did not have a summer to plan, he was thrown in at the deep end during the winter transfer window less tgan 4 months ago and you want him out?
Let's protest and ask for Maronakis to sell as we are not back in the premiership????
Some people

9.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 16:24:37
Red dog why would I want him to fail and put myself through the agony of watching it?
That's just a childish comment pal.
I've never wanted any manager to fail.
When it becomes obvious a manager is failing then I will say so
Plain fact is I've seen two home goals and one win since he came and I'm not the only one who doesn't like what's being served up?so have a go at them as well,there's plenty of them.
He's had four months and if the points weren't already there we'd be looking at relegation.
It's nothing personal just do not trust him and don't want another season of struggle.

10.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 16:49:53
Warbo v karanka it's a no contest warbo comes up on top, does this make him a better manager, the answer is no, the time to analyse karanka will be December, until then can we all stand together and stop the squabbling and get behind the team.

11.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 17:04:32
Well said Breadman.

12.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 18:24:57
Spot on mate.

13.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 18:29:17
With you all the way breadman, give him a fair crack at the whip before running him out of town

14.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 19:50:02
Who's running him out of town?
It's a banter site and marinakis will take no notice of what fans say on social media.
He'll decide if he stays or goes,We just have our own opinion that's all.

15.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 21:14:51
If Karanka had taken over at the start of the season we'd be in the bottom 3, probably bottom actually! the team is worse now under him, can't score to save our lives! Thankfully MW was able to get a few points that'll keep us up! If after 10 games next season when we are inevitably bottom AK will be out!

16.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 21:22:19
Just a thought boys. Did Mr Marinakis build his considerable business empire based on making snap decisions whilst in an emotionally fuelled frenzy? Or were they the product of consultation and the honest input of the people around him? I'd like to think its the latter. At NOTTINGHAM FOREST he seems to have good honest people around him. Yes the ultimate decision is going to be his and it will be based on good business sense. But for me , for now Karanka is the best man for the job at hand. Let's all back and his team for a while, eh lads.UR's

17.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 21:43:44
I'm with you on this Reddog. Truth be told, Warbo is right up there with the likes of Megson et al. How can you turn a blind eye to the fact he came in at the back end of the season, pretty much saw where our frailties were, then had the whole summer to address those issues. Warbo ignored the obvious, brought in players that were just not up to the standard of this league, and we haven't started on his shocking formations, tactics, and football philosophy! Even now, what is the point of 95% possession, and still lose! AK's only crime at the moment is he didn't bring in any creative or forward players which we desperately need, and would have made the difference. He might not be the right man, but surely we have to give him more time? If you want instant results in this league, you need Warnock in!

18.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 21:46:21
Business is one thing.
Take a look at his record as a football owner?
More managers than you can shake a stick at,despite winning the league for four years on the trot.
Now he's sent them all away on holiday sacked the manager and threatened to put academy players in their place and most won't be there next season,all because they drew a game.
You make your own mind up?

19.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 22:09:59
Reddog/Murdoch 👍

20.) 11 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 22:13:30
I don't think his expectations of his two club are going to be comparable. He clearly has football knowledge . Olymiacos are expected to win their league at a canter season after season against very limited opposition. Championship football is a different proposition of which I am sure he is fully aware. He would be a fool to ditch AK without transfer backing and he seems to me to be anything but.

21.) 12 Apr 2018
11 Apr 2018 23:21:10
How about a JV between Billy and that Leeds owner Cellini ? We could bring Steve Evans in as head of public liaison ? Thoughts ?

22.) 12 Apr 2018
12 Apr 2018 18:19:05
Joe Kinnear for public liaison😀