06 Sep 2018 14:14:50
I do hope that the interest by WBA in Luke Dowling our Technical Director is just a coincidence and not related to the Greek gifts being sent by our mother club as they clear the decks to fund the return of Yaya Toure?

On paper both players tick the boxes but if they turn out to be duds again like the previous lot and Dowling goes it seems we may be saddled with another fantasy football owner? I do hope this is not the case.

1.) 06 Sep 2018
06 Sep 2018 14:59:04
No were ok there red just a fantasy football manager being the problem

2.) 06 Sep 2018
06 Sep 2018 17:41:47
Red you seem to be changing your tune.

I said at the weekend we have an owner making these signings not Karanka.

Fawaz mark 2

3.) 06 Sep 2018
06 Sep 2018 22:52:51
You may be right North if Dowling goes after onlyjoing in Feb?

4.) 06 Sep 2018
06 Sep 2018 21:17:52
He's been signing them back to montanier days,but it is done through his agents he's dealt with at olympiacos,nothing new in that to be fair,Chelsea do it as do any others.
The question is do we think this is a good squad?and if the answer is yes,then karanka should get a tune out of them,no matter who is buying the players.
Personally think it's a bit of both,karanka tells him his targets and vice versa.
The days of managers getting their own way on transfers are long gone I'm afraid.
The whole idea is the manager has more time to coach and organise his team instead of spending time trying to get deals done.
Real Madrid and Barcelona managers don't buy the players the clubs president does and the coach has to fit them into the side.
It's karankas job to do this,but is he good enough? That's the big question

5.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 08:29:11
An excellent summing up of modern day football and club ownership. FFS let’s not be turning on the owner please? This squad is surely good enough to compete is it not?

6.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 09:59:08
There turning on the owner because they can't see past there rosie coloroured specs that it is actually there chosen messiah that is the problem lol πŸ˜†

7.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 10:23:12
No skeg get it right hey wear πŸ¦„ specs. πŸ˜‚.

8.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 12:10:03
I know, what we should do. Keep this manager and keep signing old players who will only play for another year or two. Then complain that there is no stability because we have to keep signing an entire squad which will cripple the clubs finances. Doh!

In fact let's sign another four midfielders in their thirties. And another striker in their thirties no better than Grabban so Appiah and Gomis have no route to the first team.

I shouldn't have to say but - yes - that was sarcasm!

9.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 22:10:25
Totally agree FF79. Skeg I think you'll find Redinexile and NorthNottsred questioning the owners are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to views on Karanka.Not a case of pickings sides.

10.) 08 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 23:39:12
Perks if you look back to when warbo was getting slaughtered on here I posted that,this is how it starts when you start questioning the direction of the club.
Things aren't happening fast enough on the pitch so the manager has to go,along come another and it's still not working,tell you what it's the owners fault.

Said it would happen ,but the owners only have themselves to blame by saying tough decisions need to be made and stability is what's required,only to go off in a totally different direction, so you can't blame fans for questioning the owners.
This situation would never have arose if they had stuck to their brief.
The amount of money spent is obscene to what we've achieved and I only see troubled times ahead.

If you went to bank and put forest business plan to them,it would take them 5 years to stop laughing.
That's what you call a 5 year plan.
The owners need to man up and realise they've made a mistake with karanka and get rid now.
Employ big Sam and get us organised and it will be cheap at double the price.

11.) 08 Sep 2018
08 Sep 2018 16:33:11
Don't know how you can say the money we have spent to what we have achieved is obscene when we are 6 games into the season? Also the money spent if you look at it across the last 5 to 10 years is nothing hence the reason the squad was garbage and needed a overhaul.I happy with owners and manager as things stand.Win a few and the mood changes again.

12.) 08 Sep 2018
08 Sep 2018 17:36:36
That's the problem though perks he's never won back to back games.
So a couple of wins is a tall order.