09 Sep 2018 12:06:41
The latest rumour is a corker. Krankie has noticed Murphy is scoring regularly so he is considering dropping the in-form player AGAIN and playing Grabban! Quality decision making.

1.) 09 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 13:43:15
Red did you expect a team full of MIDFIELDERS😂😂😂

2.) 09 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 22:16:25
We will either have a team full of midfielders or have a lot of unhappy midfielders sitting in the stands. Take your pick.

3.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 14:28:16
What on Earth are those thumbs down meant to mean. Is it thumbs down when you think the rumour isn't true (because it is). Or thumbs down to Krankie decision making. Or thumbs down because you are a Krankie fan in spite of the evidence?

4.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 14:44:45
Apparently "thumbs down" are open to interpretation RedCyclist. I have found its best not to over analyse.

5.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 15:00:41
Some people don't like to hear the truth red cyclist,karanka had a backing of 90% of fans I'd say before all ball was kicked,now I'd say it's fifty fifty.
Fans will listen to excuses for so long and then they want to see improvement on the pitch and in results,
I'm a fan who never wanted him here in the first place,purely down to his negative tactics,but even I can cope with that if results are good,but they aren't,he will fail or succeed by his own decisions ,which are bizzare at times.
So ignore the thumbs down the tide is turning against him and he only has himself to blame.

6.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 15:55:07
I have to be honest Ff I am generally a person with a positive outlook but after recent events I have been finding it increasingly difficult to remain so. Am really hoping that it's a blip and that things will improve soon.🙏You Reds!

7.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 15:58:55
Was just wondering what the thumbs mean - on here generally on here as well as this rumour.

I didn't want Karanka either, partly based on wanting stability and partly because the previous boss' footballing principles matched Forests. He wanted to develop young players over time.

People forget that stability isn't just about having the same boss for longer than five minutes. It is also about building a team that stays together. So not too many players 30 years and over because they will obviously not be here in a few years. If you have a talented young player (like Cummings) then you have to give them a chance to develop. Buying a 30 plus year old replacement is short term.

OK, I'll admit if we go up this season I'd be delighted. However if we don't we could have spent this season bringing on younger players who will be her in five years and grow together. That is what real stability is.

We lost at least 2 managers with the mentality to build a FOOTBALLING ATTACKING team based on good young players. O'Driscoll and Warburton. We need to forget big-time Charlie foreign bosses using us as a stepping stone. Forget supposeldly "proven" Premier League or International managers (McCleish, McLaren. ) and stick with a manager who believes in the right kind of football and has the patience to develop a real long term project.

8.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 16:30:51
Agree with you all the way there red. Good post.

9.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 17:34:38
And based on the above, if Krankie does get the boot we should re-appoint O'Driscoll. It won't happen with short termism but that is what I'd do.

Imagine if O'Driscoll could spend two years with the kind of cash Krankie has just spent. HE already had us a single point outside the play-offs when he was sacked.

Proper strability isn't sticking with a losing boss. It is about building a TEAM! The best teams stay together for years.

10.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 17:57:47
In principle everything that you say is true RedCyclist but modern football doesn't work that way I'm sad to say. It's an amplification of the throw away society in which we all live.

11.) 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 09:07:28
I said at the time we should have gone for the Lincoln boys as Managers.
Where are they in the league this season?

12.) 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 22:12:16
Oh I get it now. If you point out people are wrong and are correct you get a lot of thumbs down. LOL