17 Sep 2018 21:39:18
How many games without a scoring run do you give your top striker before you write him off?

1.) 18 Sep 2018
17 Sep 2018 22:50:52
One less than Grabnone has had red. Not even looked like scoring. I’m sure there are other strikers who would have slotted into our style much more than he does. Gestede suigs our style better. Even you have to concede the signings suggested a certain type of football that got us all excited in the summer. We are not playing the style that the signings suggested so why didn’t we sign players to suit the chosen formation / style. That’s my gripe with Forwar at the moment why spend a bomb on the wrong type of players ? It just doesn’t make any sense .

2.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 07:46:47
That's always been my problem with karanka,there doesn't seem to be a set reason to sign players to fit his style,it's just quantity over quality and trying to get it to work.
Not the greatest of plans,just have to hope the Iranian will have a bit of guile and more,importantly pace,to get behind the opposition.
To me karanka is trying to play like man city,that's ok when you have a quick intelligent striker like augureo and pace in midfield,that's not what we have,for now he should change tactics,there is a team in that oversized squad to get wins.
I still hope he proves me wrong and it clicks,starting tomorrow against wenesday,but from w what I've seen it's a long way off with playing his style with the players at his disposal

3.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 11:11:35
Anyone care to explain the difference between Daryl Murphy & Rudy Gestede? Apart from the fact Gested is even more reliant on the delivery into the box we don't supply.

This is a cyclical argument that won't dissappear until we've got at least another 8/10 games under our belt. Its mental to condemn what we're doing after 9 games, particularly after Swansea.

4.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 12:36:53
That's what I don't get with you cjay,you think karankas the one and yet you've just said we don't get delivery into the box for the strikers?
That's not going to change with the tactics he uses.

5.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 12:51:59
Its not difficult to comprehend. As far as i'm concerned we're 9 games into something that's going to take time to sort.

Theres too many fans believe what's being rolled out now is what we can expect as the norm, its not. We could get width from the FBs in time, we could end up with a fluid 433 with Grabban, Soudani & Dias all playing facing goal.

I ain't prepared to bail on a manager who's got a team out this league, he's just staffed us to the hilt with his players, he's gout us losing 1 in 9, conceding at a goal a game, physically more resolute, difficult to beat. Why wouldn't you wait for the next process to take shape?

Youve said you don't like his style, you'll probably never accept even a watered down version because your mind is made up. Your choice, fair play, but given Karankas name gets chanted relentlessly at games, I don't think your representative of the majority. a lot of fans have seen the changes in mentality & are happy we're in the right hands.

6.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 13:19:51
That's the thing he won't play 433 or any other formation so you'll have a long wait.
Why should it take time for the full backs to give us width,surely that's part of their jobs being full backs,it can't have been alien to them till now?
Plenty of fans not happy,just cus a block and bridgford sing his name occasionally doesn't.mean he has the backing of the whole crowd.

7.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 13:52:03
Ff don't to rise to diabolical posts.
We all know Senor maneul isn’t the Messiah.
Just appease those who are brainwashed 😂😂😂

8.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 13:53:42
"Thats the thing, he won't play 433 or any other formation so you'll have a long wait". What sort of an answer is that. He played 433 to decent effect at Boro, he's also switched to 442, 352 during games. what's this ridiculous notion the guy ain't versatile?

Im telling you mate, these forums make up the tiniest insignificant majority of the fanbase opinion. With most of the sensible opinion based on settling on a no nonsense, pro active manager who'll drag the players with him, not the other way round.

Aw for width, Darikwa was awful, would you trust him going forward, likewise Osborn to la lesser extent.

Janko looks a miles better bet, Robinson looks capable going forward. These lads are new to the fold, what is it about the concept of time that folk can't seem to get their head round.

9.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 14:16:26
I was never worried with darikwa and Osborn going forwards,it was the defending that worried me.
Anyway looking forward to tomorrow night and Saturday to see 451.😁😁

10.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 14:31:15
So you'll understand why he didn't necessarily want those players going up & down.

11.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 15:49:23
totally agree with CJay,things will get better, there have been signs that there is a good side there.
Only Brentford gave us a real hard time otherwise we have been either a match or dominated the opposition.
Granted we have won too few games but also drew games we would have lost last season. Slowly ,slowly on the up.
as for FF , i'm sure the manager doesn't tell the players to not cross the ball in to the box in his tactical briefing.
STILL HAPPY and glass half full

12.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 16:10:58
Could somebody tell me Karanka's record so far at Forest in the league?

13.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 16:11:16
How many times have we actually won?

14.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 16:35:39
Trentender so you thought we dominated brum then??

15.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 16:37:33
Think it's 6 from 27 not exactly sure 7 from 30 in all.
Good init?

16.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 16:42:52
Slowly? Your not wrong there,as for the managers instruction l,we all know they aren't doing what he tells them ,because he tells us🤔🤔
But were getting there,let me know where we are going and when we get there.

17.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 17:21:44
Maybe we should go back to the Warburton days, roll out plan A from the off, attempt to play passing football in the face of the opposition & get taken from behind every game. This is the reality of where we were & probably why the best approach this time is sort yourself out at the back before attempting the same thing again.

Seriously, this "I want wins & I want em now" is totally ignorant of what's being put together here. Look, it might fall on its face, but not giving it time is criminal when the same manager has taken a team up with the same process.

We don't deserve nice things here, bailing out because we're not winning from the outset

18.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 18:05:48
If it falls on it's face,as you put it,then we are in trouble if we leave it too long,megson being the prime example of not acting quickly enough.
I have faith in the owners that they won't allow that happen and if things don't improve they will do it sooner rather than later.
Hoping for two wins then I will be more confident he can take us forward.🤞🤞

19.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 19:21:11
That is a dire record. We need to improve VERY QUICKLY or we will be nowhere near promotion this season.

I could agree about giving it time if the owners were happy to wait until this time next year but that won't happen. If they are going to bail out and sack the boss this season for poor results then I'd rather they did it soon if there is no improvement to give a new boss long enough. Sounds silly but there is logic to that.

20.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 19:25:24
why are people banging on about managers results last season ?
he inherited garbage, did enough to prevent relegation with a few signings to fill gaps.
This pre season he has got rid of lots of the garbage and loaned out the ones not ready yet and in the meantime brought in half a squad.
We should be judging him from now.

21.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 19:36:40
I actually think we have to give him the season, we’ve had a major upheaval of the clubs playing staff and another major upheaval could be cause more problems than it solves I don’t think this bloke could get us relegated, neither do I think we’ll die of excitement,but I think he deserves a full season to try to integrate his ideas fully

22.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 20:23:20
Stevie, this whole thread is totally irrelevant, I guarantee you Marinakis will pull the trigger if results don’t improve. I like Karanka so I hope they do, I think i we’ve made some random signings that aren’t ‘his type’ and lament we have a 34 year old Murphy rather than 30 year old Murphy. A 30 year old Murphy would smash it in this system. All that said though - wow 😮 that is a really poor win % isn’t it? I assume we a high draw % rather than an extremely high defeat %? In any case Karanka will know he needs to secure more victories in the next few weeks is the rarity of victories is a fact that can’t be ignored and certainly not what I thought we’d expect when we made the appointment - which was the best we could have made at the time.

23.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 21:19:59
Well chaps this thread was all very interesting but as usual hijacked by the anti Karanka brigade!

My original post was

"How many games without a scoring run do you give your top striker before you write him off"?

Anybody playing?

24.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 21:48:40
Certainly more than he has had and better service wouldn’t go amiss

25.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 21:53:48
Don't think you can write him off as we only have Murphy to take his place,so he plays or Murphy plays ,we have no alternative,
They both get injured and were in big trouble.
Don't say gomis anyone,the lad isn't ready.

26.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 22:11:09

27.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 22:42:10
Soudani doesn't look an out and out striker and the Iranian hasn't signed.

28.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 09:58:45
With a 1 in 2 ratio, he's certainly an alternative lol.

29.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 11:11:17
Yes cjay and when he doesn't score for us maybe we should give him time to climatize and gel lol

30.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 12:22:14
Apart from the two he's already scored.

31.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 16:32:41
I'm banging on about the managers results last season because he brought in TEN PLAYERS last season and results DID NOT improve then. He has brought in about 18 players now but ten were here for six months last season!

32.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 18:13:41
In other words he basically got a whole new first team in and couldn't get a win for toffee last season. Some people on here are just not prepared to admit their chosen one hasn't delivered yet.

33.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 20:47:32
Clearly you know nothing about team building. AK delivered safety after Warbo's tikka takka down the table.
As for this season we are only 8 games in so what exactly are you expecting. The manager is not a trick cyclist but a steady roadster!

34.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 23:14:36
The answer to my original post is" as many as it takes to GrabOne!" ☺️

35.) 20 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 23:44:06
We finished lower after Karanka replaced 10 of Warburton's players. You're talking garbage buddy.

36.) 20 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018 11:04:13
The Warbo garbage has been put out for the bin men. Get over it!
You never saw a Warbo team play with such resolve and tempo as this team in the last 2 games.
Time to look forward or get on your bike buddy.
Onward and Upward