23 Oct 2018 00:46:33
Karanka dissing the fantastic forest fans seems to have upset the majority on here, is he on borrowed time, Steve Bruce looking for work would he be someone our fellow fans would like to see in our dugout on Saturdays at home and away? Just asking?

1.) 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 07:23:00
No thanks

2.) 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 10:27:19
Bruce would be an improvement on Karanka definitely

3.) 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 11:30:45
He only upset the one's that choose to be easily offended and the one's that can use it as another reason to want him out.

4.) 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 13:03:12
His words don't upset me his football does lol

5.) 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 15:25:57
Bruce almighty frying pan fire comes 2 mind no thanks

6.) 24 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 21:25:18
Oh for goodness sake, short-termism with managers is half the reason we've not been in the Premiership for 25 years.

7.) 24 Oct 2018
24 Oct 2018 05:58:25
Perhaps with AK completely overhauling the team he has made a rod for his back. The owner decided to back AK in order to get promoted, would AK have been better getting proven players to do that, not bringing in bright prospects. The wants results now not next season. Just a thought.

8.) 24 Oct 2018
24 Oct 2018 14:19:15
Bruce is awful. Certainly no better than AK, look at the squad he had at Villa! AK is doing ok but needs to be less cautionous, when we play more open and he picks attacking team (ie not Watson and Colback together!)) we have played some very nice football under him but he chickens out and tries to play safe too often and it keeps backfiring. I hope he gets at least until Easter but in modern times a few bad results and your gone! I think this squad is good enough, just not convinced 100% that AK can do the business with them but he detserves time and people offended by his comments regarding a fans should shut up moaning and support the team. I have hated most our fans for years. Moved my season ticket place on a yearly these days due to always having some negative nonce behind me lol
When fans stick with team and get behind players and the city ground is bouncing we always dominate and win. AK probably over estimates how important the crowd attitude is but fans under estimate as some games the dead or negative attitude in stands does certainly seep on to players on pitch.

9.) 25 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018 08:27:21
I struggle to understand why fans are such on a downer I could understand if we was sitting at the bottom of the table but we're just outside of top 6 and yeah not always playing our best but we're not losing as many as last season we played some better football and lost most games last season, ak ain't the best thing since sliced bread but even if we had Jose here fans wouldn't be happy let's gets some early Xmas cheer and enjoy doing the double over the sheep

10.) 25 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018 22:34:50
The home fans need to take a leaf out of the away fans book and ramp up the atmosphere for 90 minutes instead of going into their shell and moaning the moment the going gets tough at the City Ground.

It's all very well having high expectations and demanding good football but the home fans need to perform over 90 minutes before they complain about the team!