13 Jan 2015 19:29:39
Obviously we have a massive game next, but do other reds think a win could kick start a turn in fortunes? Or is this just the type of game where form goes out the window, and really anything could happen? I personally feel that even if we win, I just can't see the team building on it, and SP won't be able to resist tinkering with formations again. I think the best chance we have of stealing a win, is to park the bus in front of the goal and just try and nick a goal on the break!

1.) 13 Jan 2015
13 Jan 2015 19:53:05
id park bus hit them on break. It's who we play at left back.
Fox licha not good enough. Maybe osbourne.
I'd go with if all fit
Kane Hobbs manchiene osbourne
Burke tesche Vaughen Antonio

2.) 13 Jan 2015
13 Jan 2015 20:05:52
Whoops forgot bout Gardner put him in front of Vaughen

3.) 13 Jan 2015
Take Vaughan out for Gardner and that's the team I'd play

4.) 13 Jan 2015
Gardener and Paterson for burke and Vaughn and its our best 11

5.) 13 Jan 2015
Marco. That is why you are not our manager.

6.) 13 Jan 2015
13 Jan 2015 21:29:42
De Vries
Kane Laing Mancienne McClaughlin
Gardner Tesche Osborn Antonio
Assomalonga Walker

Can't agree with the others since they haven't done it so far. Either we change or we go under. You will all say this is suicide but I can't see us doing any better with some of the regulars.

7.) 13 Jan 2015
Just a thought here, but can anyone else see Burke playing the Andy Reid role? Let's say you have Antonio on the left, Paterson on the right, Tesche and Gardner in the middle and Burke gets a free role behind the front man to do whatever damage he wants! He has a good cross on him, also a good range in shot, so if he can pick a pass out could be explosive! It would take the pressure off Antonio, and Paterson may deliver. It gives us options, and a worry for the sheep about what we going to do!

8.) 13 Jan 2015
My team would be if fit
De vries,
Manchinne holding
Reid if fit, our Burke
you can play loads of different ways without having to make a sub 4-4-2, 5-4-1,4-1-3-2 park the bus if we have to

9.) 13 Jan 2015
De Vries
Kane Hobbs Mancienne McLaughlin
Burke Gardner Lansbury Antonio

10.) 14 Jan 2015
I agree bsered. Change a few and bring in some of the boys who did well in the reserve game that beat SW. Mclaughlin at LB might be worth a shot! At least these guys have a winning feeling and may come in with some form of confidence hopefully inspiring the regular first teamers.

11.) 14 Jan 2015
Don't matter who is Playing and what Formation, the Team who is in it the multiple formations they are in every game Same out come. Insipid, Lack Luster clueless passionless and just about every Other negative you Could think of. End result Forest Nil points.

We all have been saying it's going to get better just need a Little luck to go our Way, it's not Getting better it's Getting worse and Lady luck hasn't been seen for a long Old time.

3 away games coming up it's going to be sad Looking at that league table, even Blackpool are going to catch us at this Rate and they are really really Bad.

At least the games will be cheaper in League 1, for Some reason Fans are'nt happy Shelling out £32 a game at the Moment.

Not a happy trickie at present, all the Hopes and dreams i (we) had seem further away than ever. When will this Horror Show end?.

12.) 14 Jan 2015
For me, I'd have to go with Darlow in the sticks, none of the back 4 respected De Vries on Saturday even when he bellowed at them. To me the back 5 need to have confidence in each other.
My only concern would be Darlows mind set after reports of his mind wasn't right for the game. (Player power! Again) last player that made similar comments (Abdoun) his still being paid 28k probably sat on a beach somewhere. But Darlow is always up for the sheep! Look at last March. Who was the only player that got applauded off?!?? I'd love to see Walker given a shout, the unknown might just catch them out.

13.) 14 Jan 2015
Bsered: don't understand the thought process behind your team.
Kane for Lichaj at RB - not for me.
Laing for Hobbs?? - Senseless
Laing for Mancienne - More likely
Mcglaughlin left back - Too risky

3 central midfielders occupying the 4 midfield places? With Gardner wide right. He is the only central attacking option we got.

2 strikers up, both 5ft 10 goal poachers with no ability to hold it up, link with midfield or contest in the air.

Suicide indeed.

14.) 14 Jan 2015
14 Jan 2015 10:24:46
Well Cjay no doubt the team that appears will be the same that always seems to be chosen, no doubt in the "formation" that you think will work. We'll see what happens if they get walloped, but I doubt you'll change your mind even then. That might just be the thought process that SP is facing among the players and at the club.