16 Oct 2017 17:21:13
I can see and have faith with what Warbo is trying to do.

What is clear is that we do not have a squad that is good enough to deliver the game plan.

My biggest fear is that we now seem to be linked with more Scottish imports who quite frankly are not up to the rigours of the Championship week in week out. This weakeness is contributing to the mistakes of our youngsters learning on the job.

Strachan is no mug in highlighting the restricted Scottish talent pool so please Warbo get McP to go source some strapping big lads with pace who can pass a football to beef up the spine of the team?

We cannot keep perming the midfield lightweights that are Bridcutt Osborn Vaughan, Clough, McKay, Cummings, Dowell Cash all of whom lose more balls than they ever win and not exactly blessed with pace when they are in possession?

1.) 16 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017 17:46:49
Agreed. We aren't physical or nasty enough. Direby were there for the taking but beat us at a canter because we're far to easy to score against.
Every team that plays us must fancy scoring with the midfield and defence too easily breached. It's not great passing ripping us apart but just one runner allowed to carry the ball too far or one through ball that cuts through us like butter.
If we score first against Burton we could get a bagfull but if they have something to cling on to they are like a dog with a bone.
Big game for Warburton me thinks.

2.) 16 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017 19:34:58
How many teams have got promoted from this league playing tippy tappy possession football with one up top?

3.) 16 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017 20:44:59
Bournemouth Huddersfield Newcastle.

4.) 16 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017 22:08:06
Bout mouth played two up top just like Newcastle and hudders.they also didn’t play tippy tappy football in there own half they were direct in what they were doing.

5.) 16 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017 22:41:54
Who was Newcastle front two in every game?
Who was Huddersfields?

6.) 16 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017 22:56:53
Personally I’d play a 4-2-3-1 I think it offers balance, protection and guarantees chances.
Lichaj Mancienne Worral Traore
Bridcutt Boucalakis
Dowell (to cut in on that left) Clough Mckay
Subs: Henderson, Darikwa, Hobbs/Fox, Vaughan, Osborn, Cummings, Carayol.
For me that team with the addition of Vellios, Brereton and Cash would offer enough depth and quality to not only concede less goals but start scoring more goals. I know some people will disagree with this but that is what will work in my optnion. Boucalakis is key imo his a big lad that will put tackles in and contributes going forward while allowing Bridcutt to be the solid defensive minded CDM out of the two. I’d love to see Vellios get a go but I can’t see it unfortunately. Any way I’m looming forward to the rest of the season hopefully we can see a forest that starts performing to levels they should be

7.) 16 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017 23:02:11
I didn’t mean to put Clough at cam in my previous post I meant to put Osborn. For me Osborn plays his best at cam and influences the game much more. Clough is a good player but I jut don’t think MW fancies him in our system. Maybe if we played 4-4-2 with Clough playing off Vellios or Murphy we’d see the best of him but I doubt we’ll be playing that formation