03 Nov 2017 12:11:45
1st time poster. When will Warbo wake up to the fact that our centre backs are not good enough. Worrall is 2 years away imo and Mancienne is too lightweight. We desperatley need a John Terry type player to organise the back four, otherwise we will have to score 4 goals a game to win or 3 to draw.

1.) 03 Nov 2017
03 Nov 2017 12:49:21

I think what happened in the summer transfer window Warburton knew that the defence is not good enough but we needed to sell Britt to cover both the transfer funds and help with the running of the club.

Britt was also a bit miffed being used as a winger from time to time, so was pleased when clubs came in for him. Warburton and McPharland inquired about several positions, the defensive players were either happy where they were, or too expensive except Darikwa in the two's opinion.

The midfield and striking options were thought to be very good options to both improve our midfield and try to replace Britt and thought to be at a fair price.

The decision was then based on do we miss out on the fair priced midfield and strike options and go for more expensive defeners to steady the defence leaving the club having to wait till next Summer to pay silly money on midfield players and strikers and being blunt going forward this season, or improve us going forward at a fair price and hope we were doing well enough for fair priced defensive options to want to join us.

2.) 03 Nov 2017
03 Nov 2017 13:52:47
I take your point but BC who wasn't a bad manager always said build from the back, if you don't concede you can't lose the game.I think MW is doing an alright job and we are playing some good football going forward but I haven't missed a match this season and no matter who the opposition, every time they get a set piece, wether a corner or free kick your heart is in your mouth. Oh what fun to be a Forest fan!!

3.) 03 Nov 2017
03 Nov 2017 18:15:40
Greyandredman. I hear you but alex bruce was available on a free

4.) 03 Nov 2017
03 Nov 2017 19:34:04
The problem MW had when taking over was all the defence had two years on the contracts, however come this summer these run out for Hobbs, Lichaj, Fox and I think Mancienne so expect movement in January at the earliest and more likely in the summer.
Only Worrall and Traore have longer running contracts

5.) 03 Nov 2017
03 Nov 2017 22:11:39
Exactly right chuggs all on good money,getting on a bit as well or injury prone,how do you get rid?
No one's going to pay them this much .
It's a transitional period where,most of the defence will be cast off at the end of the season,manciene signed a new 2 year one though so his not up.
Vaughan and Cohen will be up also,
You have to look at the big picture from last season,we had all the loaneses plus the likes of bendtner,perquis,lam,lica to get rid of,plus a miraculous recovery from fryatt just before the season ended when his contract was running out.
All that's has been done,we've bought some young ones in and they are inconsistent,but were mid table and in no danger.
Give it time,January is not always the best time to buy as you get over inflated prices from clubs panicking about relegation.
Let's get through one season with the manager intact,backed by strong leadership from the owners,then next season we might actually reap the benefits.

6.) 04 Nov 2017
04 Nov 2017 00:23:32
Alex Bruce was.
His dad didn't want him,
Why would we?

7.) 04 Nov 2017
04 Nov 2017 00:37:21
Wellcome 7980 enjoy.

8.) 04 Nov 2017
04 Nov 2017 01:44:12
Ff79 would villa want worral mancs or mills???
My point is that bruce was free, cheap and experienced. Vocal and not injury prone. Better than what we have and for 1 year would have been excellent. Their were defenders available.

9.) 04 Nov 2017
04 Nov 2017 04:48:32
I have seen Bruce play for Ipswich a few times. Not very big for a centre back. I wasnt impressed and they let him go. I know you can say better than what we got but I honestly don't think so. Have faith in Mcparland. He will know who we want and work to bring in the right players at the right price. It was cb and goalkeeper he didn't manage to land in the summer but it wasnt foor the want of trying was it.

10.) 04 Nov 2017
04 Nov 2017 09:13:27
FF79 and Redfin, I agree with both of your posts. Annoyingly my attempt to give you both a thumbs up, gave you both a thumbs up and a thumbs down. I'm sure I'm not the only one. 2-0 Forest. COYR.👏