01 Dec 2017 10:07:08
Decent chance of an away win tomorrow?
Chambers suspended. McGoaldrought, Tommy Smith and Tom Adeyemi all injured.
Ipswich not kept back to back clean sheets for over a year.
Against a physical Ipswich side will Warblurton learn from the Cardiff lesson and go for some presence and height?
Bouchalakis or Cash (both 6 foot) in midfield. Give Carayol a rare start? Or will he bring Bridcutt straight back and further reduce our average height to 5' 3"?

1.) 01 Dec 2017
01 Dec 2017 10:39:12
Bridcutt will be first name on the midfield team sheet but I agree we need a few Big Un'sand pace in the team!

2.) 01 Dec 2017
01 Dec 2017 13:49:22
Given how Ipswich are fixed, I would love to see us play with a 442 formation. Carayol and McKay on the wings, and Murphy and Cummings up front. Vaughan, Dowell or Bridcut for centre pairing. I think that could pull Ipswich all over the place worrying which way we go. I know it won't happen, but on paper it looks exciting!

3.) 01 Dec 2017
01 Dec 2017 18:08:17
Bet Warnock felt right at home with our Diddy men

4.) 01 Dec 2017
01 Dec 2017 21:50:28
They've just done an audition for snow white pantomime,failed again,but only just,lol.

5.) 02 Dec 2017
02 Dec 2017 08:57:21
Warburton will play a 442 today.
Murphy to score 3 and smith to save 2 penalties. .😴😴😴😴😓😴. was i dreaming that?