02 Dec 2017 17:57:57
Please no more, work in progress or we can only get better quotes the truth is we are going to drop down the league unless MW goes to plan B which we all know he hasn't got, the January window is a long way of and we have a few tough games until then, Osborn is a waste of time at the moment he should be on the bench or loaned out, Bouchalakis and Caroyal should always start to give us height and width and i think one poster said we should be more aggressive well with the load of shrinking violets we got i can't see that happening 😠

1.) 02 Dec 2017
02 Dec 2017 18:28:02
Good post oj. .it is strange how the posters who disagree with us who see past the breadmans garbage seem to go quiet when we lose!
Yet when forest who lose by a margin these posters seem to berate and moan at us. . hmmmmmmm. .something has to give soon otherwise i can Mr.Marinikis pulling the trigger. .what do rest of you think?

2.) 02 Dec 2017
02 Dec 2017 18:49:34
Look no further than the second thread on the rumours page where Skegs says Warblurton is doing a good job as expected and look how many agrees He's got.
Please tell me how He's doing a good job.
One convincing win all season and a load of lucky ones. Time after time conceding in first 10 minutes and the game is as good as over.
He keeps picking the same formation and personell and expecting things to change. No thought of staying competitive especially in an away game for as long as possible.
I'd wait till end of season when we'll be in bottom 6 and get Clough in as Burton will be relegated.

3.) 02 Dec 2017
02 Dec 2017 19:01:42
MW = football fraud.

4.) 02 Dec 2017
02 Dec 2017 20:35:38
Breadman please as a new years resolution stop this decline of our gracious club and learn some tatctics and stop being stubborn playing your favourites.

5.) 02 Dec 2017
02 Dec 2017 20:42:00
he as had enough games to ply is sh*te tactics and playing style. it won't work at forest, the players are just not good enough or motivated, he must have got is managers ticket out of a lucky bag.