06 Dec 2017 16:28:20
People are forgetting that it is a results business. We cannot go on indefinetly leaking all these goals. We were close to being relegated last season only saved by Britt's goals. Warburton has known long enough about the poor leaking defence, he does not seem able to address the problem. It is all down to how long the owners give him, I suspect not for much longer. The goals against appear to more per game than when MW was here last season. The game against Bolton is very important, we do not want three losses on the bounce and more goals against.

1.) 06 Dec 2017
06 Dec 2017 17:46:31
You are dead right Jake 70 we the supporters can see it and i am sure his team can, he never addressed the problem in the summer and i think ๐Ÿค” the way he is talking it is not going to be in Jan rumour has it we are interested in a 21 year old midfielder from St.Mirren when what we need is a CB who can open up defences and control the midfield not some youngster from the 3 tier of the Scottish league.
I can see what he is doing but when it goes wrong he doesn't change the format just plods on the same old way, he is not Guardiola or Wenger and we certainly don't have the players to play tippy tappy football as for Marinakis we know he has an itchy trigger finger so find a plan B or it will be P45๐Ÿ˜ˆ

2.) 06 Dec 2017
06 Dec 2017 18:36:22
The problem he has to get rid of Hobbs ,Mills and Fox first and that won't happen till end of the season.
Not his fault two of them are more or less permenantly injured and drawing a big wage,get them off the wage bill and he'll sign a couple of centre backs,they won't leave till their contracts are up,this is their last big payday,takes time to get players in and you have to move players out as well.
Cohen and Vaughan ad ward will almost certainly be gone as well in the summer,
Vellios will be as well or even sooner and we might sell a player like Osborn if the money is right.
It's a big rebuild that's required you can't do it in one window,three at least.

3.) 07 Dec 2017
07 Dec 2017 06:46:25
Like has been said ff this should of been a priority pre season.its funny how itโ€™s changed from the start of the season as well.at the start people were saying we donโ€™t need new defenders,now almost everyone wants new defenders.i think some fans seem to think warbo is a miracle worker but heโ€™s just an average manager doing an average job.pm had 1less point and a 1goal better goal difference last season under far worse conditions and he was hounded like crazy from October onwards.

4.) 07 Dec 2017
07 Dec 2017 08:45:06

The players were not happy with PM, they complained they were not fit enough, what is their complaint now i wonder?

5.) 07 Dec 2017
07 Dec 2017 09:16:19
If you can't ship defenders out first,You can't bring more in,how do you get rid of sick notes like Hobbs and Fox,when they're under contract and who's going to take them with their record,
Both injured again,both a waste of space,bled the club dry for too long,but impossible to get rid of till the summer.

6.) 07 Dec 2017
07 Dec 2017 13:06:12

I think it is not their intention to be injury prone?

7.) 07 Dec 2017
07 Dec 2017 14:02:14
They were injury prone when we signed them,Hobbs in particular,waste of money

8.) 07 Dec 2017
07 Dec 2017 15:33:44
Off course they were injury prone when we signed them, and still are, but as for being a waste of money that is down to the person that allowed them to be signed, and who wanted them signed.

I would be surprised though if either are glad each time they get injured, would you want that for yourself FF79?

9.) 07 Dec 2017
07 Dec 2017 16:39:39
There was only one criteria when fawaz was in charge of signing players "good eyesight" ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

10.) 07 Dec 2017
07 Dec 2017 17:18:07
Nice one.

Shame he had no foresight.