07 Jan 2018 19:11:31
Wasn't it great to watch a hard working, honest and successful group of players backed up by a manager who didn't talk nonsense and gave credit to the right people. I also enjoyed hearing some of the interviews after the game from ex players, commentators and coaches (not just from people with close links to forest) they seemed genuinely impressed and hopeful that we can turn the corner and be successful in the future. Fingers crossed and as Brazil said we certainly have got some talent in the squad and whoever gets the managers job has a great pool of talent to work with. Who do we all want in the next round? I'll just be happy with another home game and another full house.

1.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 19:50:04
Liverpool, at the City Ground.👍😀👏

2.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 19:50:23
Agree with all that!
Would like to see Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle or West Brom coming to City Ground in next round. would fancy much away especially a big club or a lower league team! County at City Ground would be fun too or even Derby though wouldn’t be so confident of getting much from that!

3.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 20:08:14
Lol Red, are you teasing the Derby fans amongst us?😂