08 Jan 2018 09:07:10
Hi guys, 1st post. Great game yesterday. Let's hope we can resist all the offers that come in for Brereton from the premier league vultures. "One man and his dog went to mow a meadow, one man and his dog Lichaj is a God".

1.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 09:27:07
Nice one Forest78, I think you'll fit in just fine on here.👍👏

2.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 09:33:58
Well done Gary and the players, fantastic result and was a great game to watch.

So many strong performances all over the pitch, Cash down the right is so much better and young Ben put in a performance way beyond his years, amazing calm and finish for his penalty, a belter.

Other than the fumble for their 2nd goal thought Smith was imense in goal again today, distribution was far better than the Leeds game.

Feel this is some payback for all the loyal fans, well deserved all round Forest.