08 Jan 2018 12:30:43
Let us not forget the work that MW and DW did for this club over the last 9 months. They have developed these young players massively over that time period. Hopefully he was watching the game yesterday however and reflecting on what this group of players could have achieved for him this season if he was willing to flex his approach. GB for me is the natural replacement, no one knows this group of players better than him and he has already shown the kind of displays he can get out of them. Put a good support network around him and give him until the end of the season, I can't see any reason why we would rush in to getting a new manager when the best option is already at the club.

1.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 13:05:47
Don't totally disagree Gazza but sometimes keeping people where they can do the most long-term good is perhaps the best use of the resource so keeping Brazil in his academy role is the way forward. However we have seen that giving the players more freedom to express themselves away from a rigid way of playing is the best way to use this squad. My fear is that we bring in a manager just as rigid as MW who stifles them again.

2.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 13:45:49
Not sure I'd give any credit to Warbo or DW for that result Gaz! He played players out of position, chopped and changed the team, and had crazy tactics. I'd say he took our young players confidence away rather than improved them! Look at BB as the example. Played out of position, he looked uninterested and his form went. He was immense yesterday doing what he does best! For me, I'd keep Brazil working with the accadamy and developing our future players. He clearly has a talent for it. Promoting him puts him under pressure to get results, and if they don't come, you know what happens. I would rather retain his services with the club.

3.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 13:54:49
Warburton sucked the confidence out of youngsters by playing them out of position. He was so one dimensional and destroyed the likes of clough. So no credit from me. As for GB he was in temp control and it was not great. In these different times maybe he could do the job but if he management aspirations he should cut his teeth at a lower level. His work at the academy is firstclass and maybe their is a lot to be said for playing to your strengths. Fantastic acheivement yesterday and all congratulations to Gary for putting out a balanced well motivated unleashed team.

4.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 15:34:41
Warburton was worse than Megson for ruining players natural abilities