09 Jan 2018 22:57:13
Just been watching Bristol city and if you add it to our performance against the gunners, what a great advert for the championship and a great reason why sky money should be decided more evenly?
Ffp? There's no fair playing field there,and yet we still can scare em.
Sort it out sky spread the wealth instead of making the rich clubs richer.

1.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 10:11:27
Agreed. The money will not be redistributed without Government intervention and the FA restructured.
Given the community value of football clubs in this country the best vote winner would be a political party that ensured the league system and funding was under one organisation which distributed the money evenly.
We might end up with 6 clubs wanting to break away but so what as their real fans would soon get fed up watching the Harlem Globe Trotters playing meaningless matches abroad. These clubs appeal would soon diminish if they were excluded from domestic league football!

2.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 11:35:00
Agree about the sky prize money. Rich gets richer. Look across Europe and you will see the top 4 or 5 teams in each league year in year out being paid as if they are champions. When we were champions of Europe, we had to be champions of England first. That's how it should be now. That would be a good start to levelling out the playing field. Not that it is going to effect us for a year or two ( dreaming ).