10 Jan 2018 00:18:58
Isn't it strange week in week out you go out people and friends you know always banter see forest had another crap game or there not doing nothing again this season and then you get a great result where we totally ablitarated arsenal and the same people and friends don't want to talk to you or even look at you because they know no excuses we hammered a good team lol boy did I have fun tonight and apparently Karanka is ok which means he's great and nobody wants us to have him as our manager boy I'm looking forward to the next couple of seasons I hope I'm not wrong as I really wanted me to do well for us but please karanKa try and keep the young lads add to them and next season you could make me feel like I was 8 again watching the best manager and the best team in the country again ashes to ashes dust to dust if viv Anderson don't score Larry Lloyd must well wishel thinking anyway 🤞.

1.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 02:01:05
Very true Skegs.Lads at work who normally can't wait to have a pop after a defeat all of a sudden gone very quiet.
One a Leeds man so even better!
Being honest I didn't think Karanka would come and never really considered him a realistic target regardless of what the bookies were saying so I'm very happy.Really hope the club don't destroy the positivity about the place by cashing in on any of the young guns this month.