13 Jan 2018 22:09:23
Watching the match on the telly earlier feeling crap. Well i complained to the mrs that its just like under warbo tippy tappy back and fourth in our own half. Sorry i was admiring the new curtains said she. Ten minutes later i was admiring the new curtains. That was jyst awful to watch, weak, intentionless boring predictable. Someone said mancienne was outstanding. Really? He is as bad as mills. Static quiet with zero leadership qualities. Ok he spooned away a few crosses but for me he us a dreamer. Playing one up top and trying to get the ball out wide? Terry thrives on this. Pace with two through the middle hurts the likes of Terry.
Right having said this I won't put anything on Karanka. He needed to see for himself. See the level in the squad and feel where things go wrong and areas we can improve. Its only on matchday that he can judge the true character and characters in the team. Our touch was poor today, passing lots of hospital balls, i also saw a lot of frustration. The youngsters were up against experienced men today and largely were found out. Snodgrass had zero pace but like Robbo of yesteryear gives himself enough time to put in a killer cross.
We were largely out thought outfought and frustrated. Personally I think Karanka will relish the next few weeks. He has seen now he will act. I doubt we will see another performance like that.

1.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 07:37:56
He’s not had time to change things and if he had changed it fans would of been moaning about him changing a winning side.dougie freedman is still haunting us with Ward and mills still being here.you play mills you may as well start with 10 men or a goal down.we won’t see what Karanka can do for a couple of weeks.

2.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 08:45:37
I read mancienne is as bad as Mills and then stopped reading. What a load of rubbish, mancienne is a quality CB at this level, Mills belongs in the conference. A CB partnering is very much like a pair of strikers, they need chemistry and they need to be able to know what the other one is doing, mancienne and worrall are definitely building that relationship, just look how our defence has improved in the last few games with those two at the back. In Mills we have a lump, who can't tackle without fouling, can't head without fouling unless he's stood by himself, can't run (fast) can't turn (fast), can't pass out from the back, can't track runners and has no anticipation. Now to my mind, mancienne can do all of those things to a decent level.