21 Feb 2018 15:23:22
The Booo boys were there again, not such a fluent half but there you go. When Tomlin scored he went to a corner and asked the fans a question. To applaud, and support the team, fans were quick enough to Booo . Their is a section of fans on here that no matter what AK does they will never forgive him for being MW's replacement, remember MW and his pal's left for whatever reason. Hopefully AK gets us safe, but no matter what happens I hope that you persecuted fans carry on with your dogged determination of not accepting AK, you would just love it for him to fail. Oh yes you would, then you could say "told you so". Supporters, support, MW is not coming back.

1.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 17:09:38
I don't understand booing the players, you don't have to pay to see them you can listen on the radio or Forest player and rant and rave to your hearts delight,i suspect they have made there minds up before they go not to enjoy it, are they the travelling Skegsjays😕😕we are all disappointed at the moment but work in progress fine margins etc 😀😀

2.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 17:15:46
It’s difficult when you have a season ticket oj, you kind have feel you have to go. That said if I feel myself getting too angry I just go home. I’ve set three new records for myself this season and have found the team really hard to watch if I’m honest.

3.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 17:19:58
last night's second half was probably the most fluent fast passing exciting football we've played all season you could sense the passion of the players long may it continue

4.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 17:20:17
And there it is a work in progress where have we heard that one before 😂 OJ I would imagine fans that pay there hard earned money to go watch forest are entitled to boo if the players that are getting thousands a week to perform don’t.i would imagine if they had something to cheer about they would but Karanka as been so hyped up that no fans where expecting the crap results against crap teams oh well it’s like we’ve said with every other manager before Karanka it’s a work in progress bye bye ☝️

5.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 18:00:17
Just remember that their is another team on the pitch trying just as hard not to loose, being paid good bucks and their supporters have also spent their hard earned money. They also want a return for their investment.The thing for me last night was the ref, he had control of the game to start with, and slowly lost it,then trying to control it with yellow cards.One linesman called a forest player offside in the second half and clearly was yards onside, poor.These poor decisions can decide clubs fates , we have seen more poor decisions than poor forest displays and that's saying something.

6.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 18:40:54
1951 nail on the head with your original post. AK is the bad guy to a few hardcore Warbaniers because the OWNERS decided to make a change. Quite happy for Warbo to have a 10 month crack at the job with shocking performances and results littered throughout but not anyone else.I don't remember anyone hyping up Karanka just recognition of his achievements at Boro.Onwards and upwards ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

7.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 19:11:49
Totally agree 1951, we are all getting frustrated with the reds, at the beginning of the season we all had some optimism for the season, especially with the pre-season games, Warburton created his own downfall, and lost the support of some of the players, this has been happening for years now and cost many managers there jobs,
At least AK has got the cahooners to change things, and I believe he will, the players power now needs to change.
The second half performance was unbelievable compared to the first half, after a rollicking at half time, for me the players need to show some respect, to the manager and to us fans and owners who keep paying there wages.

8.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 19:20:12
Like I said perks hyped ☝️

9.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 19:32:44
I’m sorry but don’t accept that because you have paid to watch Forest justifies booing at a game.
Achieves nothing infect makes the situation worse.
How many times do people on here say the crowd can help the players and raise them. It’s bad enough at games when the stadium is deadly quiet with the fans nerves causing tension, that surely transfers to the players.
Then booing at half time further destroys any little confidence the players may have.
They know when they have played poorly.
Fans should go to the match to support not to rant , moan and boo.
Save that for forums like this one to vent your anger.
Our home form is probably down to dreading playing at the City Ground. .not ideal.

10.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 19:41:18
Polskared the hope home form and away form is down to bad tactics and bad players it’s that simple nothing to do with the crowd booing that happens at every ground if a team plays bad

11.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 19:41:25
It's not to do with warbo hardliners for me it's the promise the owners made in the open letter for a season of stability.
Regardless who was the manager for me I still wanted them to be there at the end of the season.
All you get is what your seeing now,big change in staff and players with no guarantee it will bring success.
Fans get devided with their opinions and we get some give it time and others who see it as it is no improvement.
Me personally I'm annoyed with the owners for panicking, so far it's not working and I don't get carried away by a nil nil at Burton and a home draw with reading.
We have QPR Birmingham coming up and need some points,after that we have some very tough games and then we'll see if we've progressed?

12.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 19:59:38
Polskered.that argument doesn't stand up my freind as they got booed at half time yesterday and it actually ad the right effect and the crowd got behind them because suddenly the tactics changed and we posed a threat going forward.
You can't ask people to say nice things and be happy when the entertainment value is poor whether that's a show a film or a football match.
You pay your money to be entertained at the end of the day.

13.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 20:00:14
Totally agree.

14.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 20:28:20
Skeg if you see fact as hype fair play.

15.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 20:40:04
Man and groan all you like but you have to respect AK when he said "there was nothing wrong with the tactics . I told them the tactics before the game. At half time I told them to go out and get stuck in".

It was the players fault and he stuck by his guns because he'd done the preparation work and the players didn't do their jobs. Simple!

More of that please Mr K and more sackings at the end of the season.

16.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 20:46:52
Perks all I would say is so far under Karanka have you enjoyed watching the football?
If you have the there is something seriously wrong with your eyesight.
It's ok saying everything will be alright,but just tell us why it will?
What have you seen so far that you convince us all that he will be succesfull?
Not talking about the past a Boro,Just what you've seen so far?

17.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 20:55:08
No 22 he changed tactics it was more or less three up.
He started one up not having that mate.
So your saying get rid of more?
A lot on offer last night he signed.

18.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 21:09:19
If we’re talking facts perks 5 points from 21 crap fact 🤪

19.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 21:42:59
So if the reds played crap with bad tactics but won several games on the trot and were looking like being promoted would you boo the team off at the end of the game ? I think most fans wouldn’t.
I for one would be happy to see the beloved reds win any way they can

20.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 21:49:18
79 I'm only going to say what I've said previously.When he was appointed at Boro they were poor,like us now.It took him 2 and a half seasons,yes seasons to rebuild and find the winning formula.So he knows what's required to do this,got the badge,t-shirt the lot.Dont underestimate how unsettling the clearout would have been and how difficult to then integrate 10 new players and create a new team spirit.I certainly don't expect all this to have clicked into place in 7 weeks.If you do that's fine but my opinion is your being totally unrealistic.We still need to strengthen key areas,back 4 and a quality striker to name a few.But as we've all said this can't be done in 1 transfer window.

21.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 22:07:19
I totally agree, it's all about results, performance is an added bonus to the 3 points which is the most important thing

22.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 22:12:51
FF79 so why haven’t the boo’s at half time and full time affected the last 10 games ?
Could be the manager has given chances to players and now dishing out rollockings and ultimatums, maybe it was Karanka who turned the game yesterday ?
There are chinks of light.
Dead wood being off loaded
Less goals being conceded though results still poor
Players brought in giving more bite to the play
Players brought in getting fitter as they weren’t playing with previous clubs
Players brought in getting used to the managers systems.

And a thought who of us flourish from constant criticsm and apathy ?

23.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 22:39:56
So perks it's going to take a few seasons?
Well I'll tell you something now,the Greeks don't give you that long.
And like I said other than.boro, which you.keep harping on about.
What have you seen?
And why if it takes two and a half seasons why didn't they stand by warbo and give him time ?
The Greeks are impatient for success,but only on a shoe string.
That's a very hard thing to do in this league.
Unless you have a proven savy manager who really knows this league and what it takes to get you out of it.

24.) 21 Feb 2018
21 Feb 2018 22:54:55
The reason they weren't playing at their previous clubs was because they weren't good enough and getting old and wanted one last contract.
Well welcome to nffc.
We give out contracts to all it's been so successful.
Fryatt Hobbs fox Vaughan.
Just to name a few,come on down 3 years no problem as long as you can manage about 10 games a season.
That'll do

25.) 22 Feb 2018
22 Feb 2018 00:34:49
Maybe the owners didn't think enough progress was being made under Warbo in his 10 months in charge.Anyway my opinion on Karanka is based on fact and reality.I don't expect overnight success, you obviously do.

26.) 22 Feb 2018
22 Feb 2018 00:42:36
Watson played the last 6 premier league games before leaving.