11 Mar 2018 16:26:53
I'm happy with a point and suspected a draw. At last we can defend and snuff the opposition out. A couple more wins and that will do.

1.) 11 Mar 2018
11 Mar 2018 17:39:38
I saw a different game, we'd have got slaughtered two months ago and rowett's spoiling tactics ruined he game because the ref didn't stamp on it early. Two bookings were due in the first ten mins, roughing Tomlin up was a deliberate Rowett tactic.

Derby defended well as did we. I do agree that Brereton isn't anywhere near good enough and a striker has to be the priority if we want to break the cycle of lower mid table.

I've never hated derby as much as I do right now with Rowett at the helm, a proper rams ram cheating and scrapping for everything, setting the team up to kick lumps out of players and deceive the ref - dead annoying, definitely not a top six team.

2.) 11 Mar 2018
11 Mar 2018 17:55:17
2 star the rams couldn't slaughter anyone,They pay on the counter attack and are slow at that.should have had a right go at them they were there for the taking, but you play negative ad that's what you get.

3.) 11 Mar 2018
11 Mar 2018 18:00:03
Definitely feel we're heading in the right direction,and another point towards safety,also not conceding many goals,and Fox seems to have upped his game, however after this season's over,thanks for all your efforts Danny,time for new blood.

4.) 11 Mar 2018
11 Mar 2018 18:03:01
Rowett showed today that he’s a muppet.moaning about the sending off,talking to the ref at half time because he thought tomlin was playing a game drawing fouls!rowett one of you players dived today and got booked for it and yes rowett it was a dive.he failed to mention that Huddleston should of received a booking 10mins before for taking out tomlin again,also failed to mention the 10 fouls Johnson made that went unpunished even taking out pantilimon when he was in the air with both hands on the ball.
So rowett sit down and shut up.we won’t mention that you told the that the ref was shit (we can lip read) and we will gloss over you pushing tomlin after the final whistle when you was giving the ref a hard time for letting the game run.

5.) 11 Mar 2018
11 Mar 2018 18:07:48
Out muscled is the term I should have used

6.) 11 Mar 2018
11 Mar 2018 20:36:01
A draw is a draw, No sloppy goals against us. 😀