07 Apr 2018 21:57:37
Get Billy back.

1.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 22:13:37
He'd do better that's for sure.
Never known so much hype about a manager in Karanka,when you can see week in and week out it's awful.
Talks the talk and that's all.
Get rid marinakis and get someone in who can play the squad to it's potential,he'll just want more and more l.
Don't give it to him.

2.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 22:58:59
Of the players who started today, who would I like to see starting the first game of next season - Pantolimon, Figeuredo, Watson, Colback, Lolley. The rest of the squad as far as I'm concerned is despensable and need moving on. None of them good enough to challenge to get us back in to the promise land. Worryingly though, 3 of the 5 players I named are on loan so no guarantee there'll be here next season. AK cannot be blamed, the team is very poor. He has to be given time to rebuild in the summer.

3.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 23:09:56
Calm down my friends! We only need one win and a draw to stay up,probably less,from our last 6 games then Karanka rebuilds for next season,ships out the dross and off we go again! Let's be realistic we were never going to beat Middlesborough with all their millions spent and the in form team Millway away from home with the bulk of our team short of match fitness having not had much g a me time before they arrived during the emergency shoring up operation which Karanka was forced to do post Hull, Preston etc. Trust in AK, we 're not in real danger,let's get safety assured and move on for next season. COYR!

4.) 08 Apr 2018
08 Apr 2018 06:37:44
definately correct, when you say the players are the problem.very few are worth keeping for next season. to be fair.why they class themselves as pro footballers is beyond me.they have no talent,not strong enough to hold off challenges, and like headless turkies when they do manage to get into the half of the pitch.the manager needs to get decent players in, the dross out. simple