14 Apr 2018 19:14:03
Three vital points in my opinion! No points against Cardiff nailed on.

That would have meant needing something against Bolton and Barnsley.
Bristol City will probably beat us too

Be lucky to get another point all season now. Sorry If that seems negative but it’s actually me saying today was a great win and worth celebrating with a few swift ones tonight!

For the second year running we've got Ipswich to thank for another (almost certainly)season in the championship. Shame Barnsley didn’t hold on against Bolton because we’d be mathematically safe now. I can’t see us get dragged in now though, even in this crazy league !

We can probably lose every game now and still be safe . Massive relief because I so didn’t relish 6 pointers against Bolton and Barnsley with this team of bottlers !

1.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 19:21:52
2 star Birmingham will lose tommorow
Game over.🌞🌞🌞🌞

2.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 19:42:05
good post 2star,thks Ipswich,things can only get better or the only way is up

3.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 20:41:15
I'm going to go for a draw with Cardiff, beat Barnsley, lose to Bristol City and beat Bolton. Players have been too nervy, tactics too safe. Hopefully they'll start enjoying their football, now the pressure is off.

4.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 21:30:33
Which ever way you look at it we get to s**g the sheep next season!

5.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 21:53:31
Your on your own with that one mate.
As the saying goes;how low can you get?
Thank God my missus is double jointed😂😂

6.) 15 Apr 2018
15 Apr 2018 09:42:32
12 points to play for still on course for 60+ points and finishing above Leeds! Come on boys cups half full instead of all this trash talk?