05 Aug 2018 14:28:42
Lol sorry ff, red cyclist appreciate your sarcasm but a striker who hasn't scored since November looked awful every game, awful preseason I'm no expert but I know what I can see infront of me, when he has played one good game and now he is the answer? He is slow and old that's why he scored a header that's jumping not running, he can't catch up with any through ball, ok he scored and grabban didn't, grabban must be carp to not score in the 15 mins he played, will repost later in the season when he isn't scoring again, he starts a season ok then gets tired quick and loses form time will tell.

1.) 05 Aug 2018
05 Aug 2018 17:41:08
James, I think he’s a decent option for half a game away from home, Grabban defo a much much better player and I’m sure he will start on Tuesday night

2.) 05 Aug 2018
05 Aug 2018 18:29:43
Leave it to the chosen ☝️to pick the team,it's his neck on the line?

3.) 05 Aug 2018
05 Aug 2018 21:20:30
It’s a good job he’s not past it and can still run,if he had lost any pace he wouldn’t of got to that ball that geddy passed into his head.

4.) 05 Aug 2018
05 Aug 2018 21:33:00
I believe Murphy is as good a player as we have had for some time playing with his back to goal and holding it up but he then needs to lay it off to another striker which does not fit into the one up front formation the manger appears to favour

5.) 06 Aug 2018
06 Aug 2018 08:54:45
Sutton he was ready there from the first cross which he didn't make in time he scored from the second cross gave him time to get there 😁

6.) 06 Aug 2018
06 Aug 2018 15:54:55
You don't score by running, you score by heading the ball into the net or kicking it there. It's your business if you like headless chickens better. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

7.) 06 Aug 2018
06 Aug 2018 21:31:44
Murphy will be worth his place over the season. He does not need legs with the players we have and has the strikers knack of getting onto the end of things.

We did not have the pace and shape to get the best out of him last season but AK has clearly got him on the right wavelength in pre season by all reports?

8.) 06 Aug 2018
06 Aug 2018 22:38:24
I'm so happy you found your own comment so funny bless but I'm talking of scoring on the break or running onto a through ball but make it something different if it brings a smile to your face 👍

9.) 07 Aug 2018
06 Aug 2018 22:48:20
How many games have we played so far red for you to come to this conclusion?🤔🤔

10.) 07 Aug 2018
06 Aug 2018 23:15:15
Red James listen and the learn.
Redinexile has spoken,the chosen ☝️
Do you sit on the half way line or what?
Apparently anyone who sits anywhere else can't possibly see or know what their talking about.em?😂😂😂