26 Sep 2018 22:33:49
I think that Goncalves should appeal against the red card. No way was that a sending off. Stoke bench intimidated .

1.) 27 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 23:02:37
Why? He missed a golden chance and lost his head,had a poor game and won't win an appeal and won't of impressed karanka

2.) 27 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 23:54:52
It was a red card mate studs were up and he was out of control with the tackle but that's just my opinion I don't think we will appeal

3.) 27 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 23:57:02
it was an awful decision, the ref played on and only stopped cus the 4th official saw the reaction of stokes bench, I was at the game so couldn't see the tackle fully but saw it back on reply and went in with 1 foot won the ball, yes it was a bit aggressive but even the ref thought there was nothing in it, worse decision I've seen live at a match, think even worse when Vaughan got sent off against Birmingham.

4.) 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 00:17:12
Seen it twice, looks worse each time. Genuine 50/50 but you can't go in with your foot raised and studs showing. Bit naive from the lad and tbf he's the one who needs to up his game most. Time is on his side, up to him if he wants to stay.

5.) 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 04:06:19
goncalves stamped through the top of the ball, the stoke player kicked the bottom of the ball, players never made contact with each other, I agree it was a silly challenge, the stoke lad was initially more bothered about his pride cus he lost the tackle, but then saw the reaction of the bench and started holding his leg, same with the ref he played on cus he thought it was a 50/50 until the 4th official got involved, my opinion is it was a silly challenge and if the ref had blown up straight away and gave a red I would of had no complaints but he didn't.

6.) 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 07:54:40
Strangely his red card might just be the making of Goncalves because he will now realise football isn't fair, and be determined not to let himself be too "bovvered" by it. Job for AK to pull him through this, and I think he will.

7.) 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 09:47:25
The Ref didn't give it because of the Stoke bench, the Ref missed it and the Lino flagged it, informed the Ref of what he saw and the Ref produced the red card.

In this day and age it was the right call, irrespective of how the officials got to that decision.

8.) 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 09:48:46
*Lino/4th Official.

Whatever he was.

9.) 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 14:05:38
Referee's assistant? Regardless of contact, the player would've been deemed out of control. I'll be very surprised if we appeal. Move on to Saturday.👍

10.) 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 14:41:54
How could the red of not seen it? What else was he looking at, of course he seen it he deemed it initially a 50/50 and sent him off based on the reaction of the stoke bench and advise of the 4th official, which is wrong, like I’ve said if he had blown his whistle straight away and gave the red I don’t think anyone in the stadium would of been surprised as u go in like that u run the risk, for me it’s all about the playing on then he blows, was so obvious