04 Oct 2018 11:54:17
Now we have maybe all calmed down a bit time to reflect. We played badly and still drew. Lolley and Osborn make things tick. We have 3 goalkeepers in the First Team but none are outstanding. Heff huffs and puffs but Dawson seems like a rock at the moment. Fox was outjumped all night and could not contain their forwards at all. Figuerido might well figure again, at least his distribution is good. Now for AKs subbing: Fox and Grabban needed to come off right away second half. Mistake to take off Osborn. For me Guediora has been poor the last few games - give Bridcutt a chance, he can pick a good pass, and we certainly need a better bridge between defence and attack. The players made a hash of it all night and will want to forget it: they abandoned playing football in favour of defending the long ball by hoofing it out, back to Millwall all the time.
I notice we have not even tried out Yacob or Hatchididis, and nor are we bringing in any of our good U23 lads - that I see as a negative sign, and the youngsters will move elsewhere unfortunately.
I said there will be blips this year, what I'm interested in is how AK manages them: together team talks are all well and good, but some players need a very stern talking to and I wonder if that will take place.
My guess is he won't drop players for the 'Boro match in case it spoils their "confidence." Maybe just "resting" Pants, Fox, Heff, Carvalho and Grabban might make them see see how they need to improve, but in my opinion a top ten finish is still on. Results can go very silly with lots of teams as we know in this League.

1.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 12:10:59
Mostly agree but maybe Hef off (😁) instead of Fox?

2.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 16:40:42
I don’t think fox was the problem last night,Dawson came on and within 10 mins had won more headers than hef won all night