05 Oct 2018 22:21:26
So here we are 1 point off top six and 4 points away from top two and we’re there without playing consistently
The same old moaners are straight in what do you want ?

1.) 06 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 22:44:03
Entertainment would be a good start!!

2.) 06 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 23:07:16
A few more wins instead of draws and a goalkeeper??
Well you did ask??😁😁

3.) 06 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 23:11:13
A refund on a wasted outright fortune of 13.5 mil for starters

4.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 00:03:59
Think the point being inconsistent. Yes new players take time to gel yes the season is a marathon not a sprint. But we seem to always take a couple steps forward a couple back. Millwall was a classic example, second bottom and team selection and tactics wrong again.

Why not play two up front or swap a central defender as gud as defence seems why are leaking soft goals again and why no Matty cash from the start. Why not get at em from the first whistle. Understand things take time but with our squad and money spent even aiming for top ten we should be able to win more comfortably occasionally against lesser teams especially at home.

Yes there are no easy games but other better teams pull out a 3 0 or 4 0 win sometimes. I understand the frustrations for and against in some arguments but in reality the quality in depth we have we should be playing better. In reality we've had a couple of gud games a few average games and a few awful games. The one gud thing is we are showing sum gud fighting spirit till the 90th odd minute but that can only take you So far.

Yes top teams scrap out 1 nils and play poorly but they also take teams to the cleaners and look a gud bet on a coupon at the moment we don't look a gud bet unless plonking for a draw. Sum tuff games coming up Leeds Boro and Norwich any aspirations of a decent finish we got to look gud and pickup decent points.

Even though its early days the pressure on the team and manager will not help confidence as expectation levels are high not just from fans but also early doors in the press as one of the favourites. You can also bet your bottom dollar the remit from the owners will be top6 or else.

5.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 07:30:26
In total agreement clough about get at em from the start on wed the first half was so slow starting with pants seems to take an age to take goalkicks free kicks etc very also when the ball goes dead so slow in getting it back hurry up get a move on so some urgency !!!!!

6.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 09:12:38
Theres the self entitled ones & then there's the ones who can do a better job from the stands.

Sadly there ain't so many prepared to back a decent manager & get behind the players. If you don't like it, go shopping with the mrs.

For the record, you pile into Millwall side clearly proficient in the long ball game, they win the ball, sail it back over your head & they're in. They won everything in the air.

You have to cater for other teams rather than just piling in.

7.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 11:27:07
social media, whuch this site is part of, is just an extension of the pub talk. The conversations on here whether positive or negative are just the same as the convo in the pub before wnd after games. Nothing knew its always been this way and fans will always express their opinion good or bad. So stop berating the moaners they have a point just like the punters on the terrace or boozer. Its just the written word that's different.

8.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 12:22:22
Well said Sutton,I think some on here would go out and have a bad meal and just put up with it.

9.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 13:02:20
Not the best analogy I've ever heard, given the two situations bear absolutely no resemblance.

10.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 13:04:06
Sorry meant Rutland.

11.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 13:49:57
Cjay don’t know where you get off telling people not to come to the city ground or go and support Man City, just because they have the termerity to have a different opinion to you , their opinion is equally valid as yours, and any other self appointed ‘mr positive ‘loyal fan” on here,

12.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 14:56:48
Happy to here opinions. Just want to here one with a bit more substance than.

I want to win every game.

Im bored with the tactics.

Carvalho is a waste of money.

13.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 15:18:23
And where’s the substance to yours? Ak knows what he’s doing, teams still gelling , i’m
such a loyal fan? what’s the difference?