06 Oct 2018 17:18:26
Just have a scroll through the conversations this week, AK clueless, only 1 point better than last season, dire football, send Portuguese home, Watson and Colback can't play together. I know opinions are all part of football, but can people now see that AK is In fact doing a good job? In my opinion, the portuguese will come very good and I fully trust AK to deliver at least a top 6 finish. My only worry would be injuries, as we only have 2 strikers. COYR.

1.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 17:23:40
So why didn't you say that after the millwall game easy to point fingers after a good game lol and the millwall performance deserved criticism no one can deny that but very well played today just need that more often not 1 in 4

2.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 18:43:02
Hindsight is a wonderful thing eh kirkbyred88.
Well said Red James.

3.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 19:57:19
Gel,patience,patience,gel,Lolley, Grabbalot, beer ☝🏻

4.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 20:37:20
Look gents we have enough bickering on here ani I am as guilty as anyone I had my doubts about the Portuguese lads still do , but today credit where it’s due they were part of a great team performance I sincerely hope there’s plenty more to come so shall we have a truce on the point scoring tonight and enjoy a great win

5.) 07 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 22:19:32
We (the more positive lot) have to listen to your negative moaning selfs after every draw or loss, so they can take a little bit of I told you so.
Also red James, I did mention it before, I was commenting after millwall backing the portuguese lads and saying we will be fine