09 Oct 2018 17:58:07
Ed can a manager report a referee? The same one was 4th official and got the poor portugese chap sent off against the owls. He then sent of Robinson plus did not penalise the moment Middlesbrough player for fouling Dawson. I did not go but those that did said ' he was bent '.

{Ed001's Note - yes an official could be reported if there is evidence of wrongdoing.}

1.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 18:59:30
Just to add to that there is also a refereeing assesor in the stand who would mark the refs performance.

2.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 19:44:35
I would like to know to whom the refereeing assessor is answerable.Is he representing an independent body or is it a case of self governance.

3.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 22:50:34
If memory serves me right its mike riley the old premier ref.

4.) 11 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 23:45:41
Robinson deserved to get sent off he clearly dived and got a red, not seen the challenge on dawson but heard it was bad

5.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 07:10:59
I don't think anyone would disagree with that specific decision by the ref arran.