11 Oct 2018 19:25:15
I suppose in the context of things 6 wins and 3draws so far at home doesn't make for bad reading including cup games. Things ticking along okay, I suppose we all get a little frustrated if it's big steps forward little steps back as we have been dragged through the hedge backwards by Freddie Kruger on the psychedelics over the last decade or two. If we can maintain some momentum in the top 6 for the next half dozen games maybe we mite start to believe.

1.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 20:59:43
Freddie Kruger psychedelics ?? Are you on magic mushrooms??

2.) 12 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 22:35:53
Always spaghetti always

3.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 06:42:42
We've had some reason for optimism over those years also under the likes of Hart, Davies and Pearce, but this time does seem different. The club is healthier.

4.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 15:12:06
As my manager always used to say, clear desk, clear mind. The underlying issues of poor organisation, leadership and direction seem to have been quashed. I’m sure there are still issues but not as many as in the past, and none that are prevalent. This is leading the management team and players to be able to focus on football and focus on winning. Before people say that they are professionals and should always focus on football, or they get paid enough to not worry, remember footballers are still young men, they retire at 35-38 years old. Most people are still finding their careers at that age and more are susceptible to the background noise that comes with the issues I listed in the past. It doesn’t matter who your line manager is, if the worlds falling all sround you you’re going to get dirty.

5.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 15:40:30
Wish we had Freddy in nets lol

6.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 16:13:36
Sorry Clough is God I must have been talking Bolognese matey.

7.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 22:35:32
LMAO sgetty spaghetti