01 Feb 2017 20:45:30
Have to say I was shocked with how we got in those players without any drama! We would have got Chambers as well only for McCarthy pulled the plug, but more than happy for Worrall to step up. Is the new CFO having an influence already?

If Fawaz keeps doing what he said he would, e.g new CEO, it just might appease us fans for a bit. Not being greedy but was hoping we would try for Bogle as well, but delighted with who came in.

1.) 02 Feb 2017
02 Feb 2017 14:18:11
The Bogle " ship " May have sailed, it was reported that Leicester were after him in the transfer window.

2.) 02 Feb 2017
02 Feb 2017 19:14:50
Bogle went to Wigan for a £1 million.