21 Aug 2017 20:50:57
Congratulations to Dougie Freedman on his new appointment.

He did a good job for us in near impossible circumstances.

1.) 21 Aug 2017
21 Aug 2017 20:54:41
More bite added to our already formidable midfield!!! We've got our Forest back!!! the

2.) 21 Aug 2017
21 Aug 2017 21:06:05
Poor old palace fans lol 11 defenders in the team coming up

3.) 21 Aug 2017
21 Aug 2017 21:49:48
Skegsjay you do forest a diservice with your withering attacks on a forest representative. DF gave it everything in difficult circumstances and you know what he loved forest.

4.) 21 Aug 2017
21 Aug 2017 22:12:44
Rutland one of the worst managers we've ever had full stop if you could call him a manager anybody can put eleven players behind the ball and try and hang on for a point I don't feel one bit of disservice and if you don't like what I've said tough no disservice what so ever

5.) 22 Aug 2017
21 Aug 2017 23:23:40
Totally agree skeggs must of bin the most negative tactics I've ever seen the football was boring was like watching paint dry

6.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 06:39:48
Under transfer embargo, a club in utter turmoil and Dougie did his level best with an injury prone squad!!!!! Disgraceful critiscm from so called forest fans. No harm in moaning about how the whole club was run under fawaz but to single out a man who tried his best under the most ardent and difficult circumstances. Well that's such a shame!!!!

7.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 06:58:09
It is a shame isn't it very sad I would say I feel like crying now lmao your right Dougie did do is best that's why nobody else wants him as a manager lol

8.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 09:53:47
It's amazing that some people can't see the bigger picture under Dougie.

The man was limited to free transfers and loans. The squad that season was full of injuries not least of all to our main striker at the time, Britt.

That season will go down for many as one to forget. Try to though remember how easy it would have been for us to go down given everything on and off the pitch. Dougie was never trying to get us promoted, the plan was to stay in the division where the cards were stacked againsts him.

The man kept our Championship status in a season where it would've been all too easy for us to be relegated given the circumstances.

9.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 10:42:07
Ldn red thank you. For a minute i thought i was alone. DF said he would like to play expansive football but not with the personnel at his disposal. Like you say he kept us in the division and possibly afloat!

10.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 11:00:08
You have your opinions that's fare play I have mine and nothing or nobody will change my mind simples