14 Sep 2017 20:46:49
MW has said he can see both Bridcutt and Vaughan in the starting eleven at some stage, could that work i think MW would have to work hard on Bridcutts game to keep the pace going that Vaughan would get going. Bridcutt is getting better with each game, but getting forward with pace is not a quality Bridcutt possess.

1.) 15 Sep 2017
14 Sep 2017 23:03:13
Bright, I don't think it matters what we think as pretend managers,as long as Warburton sees a long term plan and brings it to fruition.
It's not a sprint it's marathon that's quickly turning into a 10,000 metres and will gather momentum if we back it.

2.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 08:29:15
79. I know it does not matter what any of us think as pretend managers, i was just giving an opinion on what he said. I do feel you are wrong if you feel Vaughan and long term go together. I have always held the opinion that when the club brings in a new manager they should be given a sensible budget to spend, for them to have the final say on which players joins us, and they decide who plays, after all how can you justify sacking a manager if he has no say in anything other than training them. I know managers are getting less, and less time to turn things around, but unless things are going disastrously wrong i feel a manager should get a couple of seasons to turn things around. Ultimately only the managers opinion counts as far fans are concerned but that should not stop us giving our opinion. I actually feel under Mark Warburton we finally are finding our feet for the first time in ages, i know i should not get surprised anymore, but i do when so early in the season some fans consider relegation a possibility, and even suggest the manager is on borrowed time after two defeats but that is their opinion strange as that seems to me.

3.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 09:15:30
Long term plan bright not meant to be Vaughan and bridcutt,they are just part of it at this season.
Hope that clears it up for you.

4.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 11:35:25

The Oracle that is FF79 with a direct line to the thoughts of our Management team has spoken, so consider yourself told! Ha-ha

Keep on posting.

I can see both Bridcutt and Vaughan playing together and Vaughan in a more forward role is capable of unlocking defences rather than moving the ball sideways from a deeper positions. We shall see how the season unfolds?

5.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 13:01:57
Nothing of the sort red,unlike you I trust Warburton and his judgment on match day and who he picks.
I don't try and tell him who to pick and how to play tactically,and wait for that moment mills makes a mistake so you can post nasty comments about him.
I forest through and through and go and enjoy watching week in and week out and meeting up with friends and family win,lose or draw.
We won at Sunderland which was a great positive,but you've done nothing but tell us Warburton and the players need to change,
Just give Warburton credit and mills some credit for being part of the team that kept a clean sheet.
Looking forward to tomorrow and 3 points

6.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 13:43:29
I get what your saying Bright, but Bridcuts job is to protect the back line, break up play, and get moves started. I don't think you need a lot if pace for that job. The problem is the side lacks pace, so there is no outlet for it. Secondly, the way we move forward going sideways, also allows the opposition time to get back into shape. Sometimes I think we just need to be more direct, and that makes things happen!

7.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 14:07:29
All takes time for players to learn eachothers game. The midfielder will turn and ling the ball down the channel because he KNOWS the wide man will be making that run and has the pace to make it. The wide man swings the cross in KNOWING the run the striker will make and where he wants it. All takes time. They have only played half a dozen games together. Some not even that.

8.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 14:24:23
Spot on Redfin,it does take time.

9.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 14:33:37
79. If i remember right you were suggesting we need a defender, and another midfielder in, that could be seen as questioning the managers buying strategy, there is nothing wrong in that.

10.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 15:02:38
No I said we didn't need anymore midfielders we have 12 already and I've always said he wouldn't sign a centre back purely on how many were at the club.
Think you'll find that's right.

11.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 20:15:05

If you actually take the trouble to read all the contents of the posts that you seek to criticise you fill find that they are balanced and a reflection of the entertainment on offer.

Furthermore if you then listen Warbo's post match interviews eg Sunderland he actually confirms they need to improve in the areas highlighted.

It's a banter forum not a competition for "best Forest fan of the year"!

By the way Forest made bids for both another midfielder and a centre back in the transfer window which indicates the manager clearly recognises the weaknesses in those positions but is working with what he has available for now?

12.) 15 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017 21:08:38
If you don't like the entertainment on offer,then don't watch,I do like it,it's a vast improvement on previous years and can only get better.
Warbo says after every game we need to improve in most areas,I can hear,he wants the ball moved forward faster,he wants a tighter defence,We are work in progress,great to hear and I'm with him all the way.
He's mixing the dough,be patient till the bread is made.

13.) 16 Sep 2017
16 Sep 2017 10:07:29
You are just arguing for the sake of it! Have the good grace to agree as most of the time your little asides merely confirm the points being raised but you seem intent on telling us all what we are thinking?