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21 Apr 2018 22:08:05
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21 Apr 2018 21:51:01
Glad Bridcutt got a goal. AK giving Lichaj and Mancienne a chance - neither have taken it so maybe they'll be gone in the summer. Vellios will certainly be gone too. We have the spine of a team but more quality players needed. Interesting to see who'll be given a chance V Barnsley.

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21 Apr 2018 21:50:55
Manciene proved in thirty mins why he should never play for us again,weak no positional sense,just not a central defender or anything else .
Get rid

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21 Apr 2018 21:46:56
Ive said it so many times but Ben Brereton is absolutely awful. Yes we can't defend but every time the ball is played up to him it's a total waste of time. Typical Warnock crap but he always wins and we just can't learn. It's not like you don't know what to expect? One positive is get Colback back to Newcastle as Bridcutt was by far the shining light. Left back, centre half and a proper striker are just 3 players for starters.

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21 Apr 2018 21:38:33
Neal (Eddie Waring) Warnock rugby league up and under v Football.

Kenny Burns was right never at our club thank god!

Well played lads gritty performance reinforcements on the way!

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21 Apr 2018 22:03:28
That's crapp red,they won,the pressure was on them,we had nothing to play for and they did the job.
When you have a squad of players and a limited budget you play to your strengths and that's what warn ock does.
Our play is powder puff and yes we might create but most of it is pointless.
Four out of eighteen now red

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21 Apr 2018 21:30:21
Hi everyone can we manage to draw tonight.

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21 Apr 2018 21:27:04
Why can't what ever manager we have see that Manc can't defend? He is slow weak and gutless. Nothing about him is worth a shirt.

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21 Apr 2018 21:48:45
Him and Hobbs were the best partnership we had for a while even though it was a while ago.

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21 Apr 2018 20:50:29
We are the better side, in fact we are the only side playing football. We need to learn how to deal with their huge aerial threat, something to address in the summer no doubt.

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21 Apr 2018 21:03:54
We also could do with an Ariel threat ,That's why the likes of Cardiff and Millwall are up there.
Sometimes it's the best way to get out this league

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21 Apr 2018 21:46:12
jeez forest are not the best in this game. as usual unable to put the chances away.,osborne.not good enough. mancienne garbage.defence rubbish.come august i hope that the school kids are back in the classroom.and the rest of the so called good players have managed to get jobs to what they are capable of doing, like picking crap off the street.

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21 Apr 2018 21:41:25
As we have learnt in the past its no good being the better side if you can't win the bloody game game over again πŸ€”

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21 Apr 2018 21:46:21
It's almost embarrassing watching us isn't it? Played ok in patches but know matter how well we play you always sense there is a goal just around the corner for the opposition.

Too many free kicks given away to the best exponents of the dead ball in the league, wrong people marking their biggest players, basic stuff really.
Kapino's first game Didn't fill me with any confidence, Manciennes brief appearance shows just why he has been dropped and should never play for us again.
Please Karanka, sign some big uns in the summer.

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21 Apr 2018 21:56:18
I'm not that excited about next season πŸ™„

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21 Apr 2018 20:27:31
We are all over the place at the back,It's schoolboystuff

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21 Apr 2018 20:38:12
There's no goals in this side and nothing on the bench to change it.
No point creating chances for the likes of coleback Watson and Bridcutt they don't know where the net is.

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21 Apr 2018 20:39:40
How many years will it take for us to defend any type of set piece????? It’s absolutely pathetic. Lots of possession but the usual end product. What do we pay managers for?

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21 Apr 2018 20:54:27
Like I said no point in creating chances for the likes of πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚seven years in the making

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21 Apr 2018 20:55:46
AK can only pick from the fit squad he has available!
The team pattern has purpose and creates opportunities but unfortunately we do not have the quality in key positions.
However, we do have a team of grafters so are a very positive work in progress.
PS We have just equalized while posting!

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21 Apr 2018 21:52:53
After watching the game on sky anyone can see we have no quality or composure i'm afraid ben bereton not yet ready to me always looking for the free kick we just can't defend in the penalty area and poor end product ak has a lot of work to do a total revamp of squad at lest 8 to 10 players need to be shipped out quality costs money need to get the cheque book out hope ak knows who he wants and who he don't get the players in asap to work with them preseason

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21 Apr 2018 19:52:55
AK gives Lichaj a chance to perform, Cardiff away 😁. I hope he does Forest and himself credit. Kapino gets a baptism of fire too, welcome to the championship. Win or draw please. COYR.

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21 Apr 2018 19:48:53
weren`t sean maguire in eastenders.

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