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19 Apr 2019 13:22:52
Keep Yacop, let Colback go back to Newcastle.

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19 Apr 2019 14:03:22
More mobile I agree

19 Apr 2019 12:48:56
At least we know 1 thing for sure, Maranakis is not picking the team. Even he's not that daft. As for MON's idea of a team? I'm not sure what he's up to but unlikely it's been picked on form at training.

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19 Apr 2019 12:17:37
Bright sunny day at Bramhall Lane and let's hope the storm clouds are not gathering. Looking at the,side it may well arguably be the most unfathomable starting 11 AND bench this far this,seaon.

A lot discontent and disappointment amongst the travelling contingent it has to be said.


As ever


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19 Apr 2019 12:31:02
I've backed forest to win 3-1 I don't know what the bloody bookie was laughing at when I put the bet on maybe it was because I had pantilliman down for a hat trick 😀 jokes aside think we will win today and I know a few of the blades fans are nervous about forest but after seeing the starting line up I've had a few texts off them with smiley faces come on lads let's kick some ass

19 Apr 2019 12:08:21
Looks like Robinson is on his way out. He's had problems in the past with attitude and today he's not even on the bench. My guess is he'll be sold in the summer.
Looks like we are looking for a left back yet again.
I can't see this line up blunting the Blades but glad Yacob is back.

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19 Apr 2019 12:01:14
Very surprised to see Yates starting after last weeks performance. Let’s home Keane has stitched his head back on his body with a brain inside that understands how to play in midfield.

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19 Apr 2019 11:56:34
Is the colback at left back strategy a clear indication that is not going to be here next season so MON is assessing whether anyone is good enough do the role next season . I’m looking for some logic in this selection because it seems a bit bizarre

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19 Apr 2019 13:33:55
Well I for one cannot understand any logic or point to it at all. Baffling

19 Apr 2019 11:49:29
I know I’m one of thousands but can’t understand the team selection again
No wonder we can’t win a game
Best midfielder at left back
Best left back not even in the squad
Yacob back in
Another change of Centre Backs
Could go on haven’t got a clue what’s happening
We could get hammered

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19 Apr 2019 12:23:58
The fossil has done it again.
A bizarre team selection.
He's taking the pee now!
I think he really wants to be sacked!

19 Apr 2019 13:30:43
Fossil lol how so called forest fans forget so easy lol let's see what the end result is hope you get loads of humble pie to eat at the end of the game the same pie your still eating from saying krankie his was a great manager lol 🥧😁

19 Apr 2019 11:41:46
Despite millions thrown at it we’ve got nowhere near the heights reached under Billy Davies, it really is starting to confirm what a great manager he was at getting average players to believe in themselves and play as a team. Millions poured down the same black hole and miles from where we were then. Clubs like us need to create something out of nothing - he built an excellent team with very little comparatively , the debacle that exists makes that indisputable now.

He built a team for half the money spent on one player and we are nowhere near the levels we were then. It makes you question WTF is going on to be honest.

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19 Apr 2019 12:54:59
Inflation 2star.😁👍

19 Apr 2019 13:30:02
Lol scouse - nice one mate.

19 Apr 2019 11:34:43
I'd say with that line up Robinson's days are numbered at forest.
Although with two games in three days he could just be using the squad

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19 Apr 2019 08:47:42
I think that Jason Lee has found his niche in life. Very articulate and passionate. Just seen him talking about the social media blackout on BBC .

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19 Apr 2019 10:45:39
Social media boycott is absolutely pointless. Facebook and the like will still have another 2.6 billion or so users using it throughout the day so it's not going to make them try to do anything about racism when they can't do anything about it anyway.


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