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17 Feb 2019 20:28:02
I thought it would not be possible to happen in modern football.

A Third Tier Italian side were beaten 20-0, and were 16-0 down at half time.

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17 Feb 2019 20:41:51
Looks like they only had 8 men or something

17 Feb 2019 21:23:41
It's called corruption LC.

18 Feb 2019 08:52:29
Gazzi don’t really think anyone would want to make a bent game so obvious do you ??

19 Feb 2019 10:03:23
They have been thrown out of their league.

17 Feb 2019 19:43:46
In no way can anyone be sure what the result will be against Derby, off course form goes out of the window with local rivalries, and anyone can beat anyone else on a given day in the Championship but i believe Lampard towards the end of Karanka's reign would have felt a point would have been a minimum for his side to expect from a game against Forest.

Lampard might have even expected a win without any trouble for his side had his side had to face Forest once Karanka left, but now Martin has begun to make Forest a more solid side which is improving by the game Lampard could well now feel if they get a draw from the game his side will have done well.

I know our chances of reaching the play offs are far from certain but how great it would be to beat Derby and managing to reach the play offs, then beating them again in the play off final.

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17 Feb 2019 20:22:13
It’s a nice dream LC but I’m afraid it may only be a dream, if for some miracle we make the playoffs it would be beating Derby into sixth place, the luck isn’t on our side with the poor referring we’ve witnessed, my dream is to meet Westbrom in the playoffs and beat them with a dodgy goal and play Leeds in the final and score with a hand ball then I would agree that things even them self’s out because at the minute it seems very one sided.

18 Feb 2019 11:08:44
So we don’t know what the score will be against derby and we don’t know if we’ll be in the play offs? No sheet Sherlock 🤣

18 Feb 2019 11:28:15
2tone, Basil Rathbone is still my favourite Sherlock Holmes, and the worst for me is Peter Cushing, closely followed by Ian McKellen.

18 Feb 2019 16:23:34
Same here mate.

18 Feb 2019 16:49:33
Nothing to fear about with this Derby team. We showed them at the Flat Pack men v boys tactically and in winning key challenges. Martin now has different shapes to line-up with and keep their rookie manager guessing.

Our defence and midfield has too much guile for their young loanees and we having options with Cash,Lolley and Yates running at Keogh and their back line.

A comprehensive Forest win and the rub of the green from the referee!


18 Feb 2019 17:50:32
I don't want the rub of the green rie. I just want him to make tbe correct decisions.

18 Feb 2019 18:13:31

Ben Syder as Sherlock Holmes. Jeez that's the worst.
Who ?? I hear you ask
Exactly :)

18 Feb 2019 18:44:50
Creepy1, I must have missed that one.

18 Feb 2019 20:11:54
Mate you’ve missed nothing 🤢🤢

17 Feb 2019 18:41:42
Our two right backs ,not a lot to choose between them ,both tend to be erratic at times .
Sure if Eric was still here with his steady but unspectacular play he,d be MON ,s choice ,what do you think

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17 Feb 2019 19:18:37
He’s more suited to their (MON / RK) ideals .

17 Feb 2019 20:12:56
Eric had lots of bottle and spirit, but gave away free kicks near the ares, and sometimes failed to get back in time. His tackling was not that good either.

17 Feb 2019 20:21:39
I'd rather be talking about the current squad instead of former players.

17 Feb 2019 21:57:10
Priorities in the summer is to secure fullbacks and wingers who can cross the ball.

17 Feb 2019 23:21:14
There's only one priority,trust in Martin and Roy,they will get it right.
They've already "found" a gem in Yates,well seen what others didn't.
If you listened to Martin talking after the match,he said you have to be tough in this league as a player and that wasn't a reflection on height as Osborn is 5foot nothing.
Just trust them to clear out the players not up for it and bring in a few to add what he's got.
I'm not bothered about going up this season but would take it,but next season I can see us right up there and without needing many additions

18 Feb 2019 07:01:20
Osborn just doesn’t have the strength, it’s something he should start working on. He’d be my first person to drop when Cash is fit. Yates, Yacob and Colback would be my midfield with Cash and Lolley acting as inside forwards in support of Grabban. I’d even play Carvalho over Osborn because he’d be in space and has more tricks to him than Osborns give and go or run down the wing then inside pass.

18 Feb 2019 09:42:45
Floresta , carvalho simply doesn’t work hard enough for the people now in charge. Keane has worked with some of the best in the world. Irrespective of price tag if they didn’t work hard they seldom succeeded under fergie .

18 Feb 2019 09:45:41
Osborn is strong and tenacious with unbound energy and stamina.He gets back and tackles well, Cash gets tired towards the end of a game. Benny can make goals, has plenty of assists and can score - and you think Carvalho is better? Get real.

18 Feb 2019 12:22:32
Too many blinded by a price tag. If he proves his worth all well and good , it looks less likely by the week that he will.

18 Feb 2019 13:16:13
2star, What is, too many blinded by the price tag?

The more you pay the more you expect from a player.

If we brought someone from non league for a £100,000 i would expect less from them than i would if we brought a player in the same position for £4m.

18 Feb 2019 19:39:50
You guys must be watching a different Osborn to me.

19 Feb 2019 20:43:22
LC , bizarrely you’ve just answered your own question.

17 Feb 2019 14:24:53
Just been mulling over our unlucky results, and the answer has been staring me in the face . We need a good luck mascot, in fact l would get two just to be on the safe side . Firstly l would get Gary Lineker followed by Alan Shearer, put them on the board and bobs your uncle .

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17 Feb 2019 15:44:58
Dressed as noddy and big ears ofcourse.

17 Feb 2019 18:46:32
We've got people wearing lucky pants so surely that's enough😁😉

17 Feb 2019 20:24:45
I'm expecting the luck of the Irish to kick in very soon.🍀

17 Feb 2019 13:29:39
Just watching boro Britt looking like his old self fit and sharpe.

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17 Feb 2019 15:02:08
Agreed,peeling off the shoulder of defenders and causing havoc. at the other end Brereton seems a bit lost and not in tune with the other players. wish him the best,did not ask for a 7 mill price tag on his head. I have a feeling he will be loaned out to League One side next season.

17 Feb 2019 13:15:24
People's thought
If we miss out on promotion through play offs. Which players need off loading preseason. So O'Neil can go for it next season. I'd get shut of these
1 keeper Henderson smith pants I'd keep Steele as back up and sign a quality keeper
2 janko wouldn't renew is loan
3 hefele
4 Dawson think he will retire
5 Watson legs have gone
6 bridgcutt
6 geddy too old
7 Fuentes still on books injured
8 ward passed it
9 clough not good enough
10 soudani always injured
11 arisafad can't be doing enough in training so not good enough
12 concalves loan ends
13 Murphy too old
14 walker found his level sell him
15 grant found his level sell him
16 worrell if we get a good offer sell.
17 Osbourne good offer sell
18 pele time will tell.
19 calvalho send him to olympiacos for 13m
Don't think I've missed anyone.
I'd keep rest including O'Neill recent signings I'd keep.
Then O'Neil needs to add real quality
A quality keeper
Right back
Left back
Centre half
Box to box all round midfielder
Winger with power an pace.
2 forwards one as a target man other pacey.

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17 Feb 2019 15:02:58
Bidwell is free in the summer. LB sorted.

17 Feb 2019 12:58:07
Its was difficult to believe yesterday that Preston had put 3 past Norwich earlier in the week as I doubt they would have scored if another 90 minutes had been played.
However it has to be said that we were hardly hammering the door down either and as the game went on it had all the hallmarks of a stalemate between two sides seperated by three points.

The initial 5 minutes saw Preston go close but after that the game pretty well settled into a pattern of hard fought posession and good soild defending from both teams with, to my mind , no real penetration or cutting edge up front from either side which is in no way at all a criticism of Murphy or Grabban who had precious little to work with but continued to chase and run off the ball.

Once again every player put in a shift with the two centre backs continuing to impress and control things at the back and Milosovic in particular may well go on to prove to be a real find for us.

Mention to Pantilimon who continues his upward curve and is at last beginning to show a little more positivity in the box and his distribution has improved markedly insofar as most of kicks don't go striaght out anymore.

Carvalho made an appearance but in fairness to him the game had settled into the hard tackling combative affair it was which is not really suited to his style of play and ,despite his undoubted skill, the game for me largely passed him by.

The Lolley " goal " was scores at the far end of the pitch so I didn't see it close up live but the highlights would tend to suggest the goal should have stood although the decision doent feel so unfair as the ones at West Brom and Leeds.

As we approach the business end of the season we are to a certain extent relying on Bristol,Boro and the sheep to not maximise the two games in hand they have on us and at least we can have a say in that next Monday by taking the three points.

The play offs are far from out of our reach and we do look more difficult to beat under the current manager and we have to play 3 of the teams above us and this unpredictable league will continue to throw up surprises and odd results to the last kick.

A point away from home agaist a side in form is never a bad result and we go into Mondays game in good heart and with nothing to fear so

As always.


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17 Feb 2019 14:14:54
Creepy with regard to carvallho,what exactly is his style of play ?? There. always seems to be some excuse for his ineffectiveness, seemed to me his only contribution was to give the ball away leading to a free kick which could have cost us in injury time, and hard tackling sums up the championship , if that stops him playing he might as well go home

17 Feb 2019 15:48:50
I think you may well be right stevie and his style of play as far as I can see is to have more time on the ball,more room and space to lay the ball off which you simply do not get in the Championship.
Daft as it sounds I believe he would have a better chance to show his talent in a bottom half premier side but as it stands 13 million seems well off his value

17 Feb 2019 10:59:49
Just watched the Lolly " goal".
I have played, paused and scrutinised several times and can honestly say that i cannot for the life of me see a foul committed by anyone.
It's difficult to understand how an official who must have been refereeing for several years to get to championship level could make such a pathetic error. It stinks!

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17 Feb 2019 11:32:20
My Dad use to tell how goalkeepers use to be bundled into the net with the ball, how times have changed.

17 Feb 2019 15:11:17
Goalkeepers are overprotected by refs.Joke decisions again. Normally I think these things even themselves out over a season but no chance of that.

17 Feb 2019 10:57:09
Defence solid midfield solid and Grabban and Murphy looked good upfront.

But for another awful bit of reffing
would have got all 3 pts

Ah well onwards and upwards bring on the sheep hard fought 2-1 win for the reds is my prediction just hope Prutton backs the sheep to win! Nailed on 3-0 to us then.

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17 Feb 2019 08:42:25
There’s no doubt Red that since MON has taken over we are starting to look more solid
I think that the out of the teams just outside the top 6 we have the team to make a run to get in
Monday’s match will mean more than ever
my nerves won’t be able to cope

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17 Feb 2019 10:44:54
Mate, we aren't even at the crazy stage of the season!!!
As I've said on the Rumours Site,just watch the drama unfold teams who've been in the top 6 will start to wobble,hopefully we can get close enough to take advantage.


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