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15 Dec 2018 15:46:21
With no Forest today I decided to go and watch some good quality local semi pro football.
So I headed to South Normanton v Dunkirk in the Midland league.
We complain about referees when we are at city ground but this Midland league clown called the game off 20 minutes before kick off due to a frozen pitch.
Why didn't he inspect at 1.30? It wasn't going to get any warmer was it!

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15 Dec 2018 21:13:54
Well you are wa5ching it at grass roots, 🤣🤣🤣🤣

15 Dec 2018 13:25:09
What is it with the way the fixtures are sorted, one minute we have two games in a week, or three games in eight, or nine days, then one game in nine days. Where is the common sense in that.
I think it will be 3-3 against Derby.

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15 Dec 2018 12:57:01
Computer simulator says we will lose 2-1 to the sheep well let me tell that simulator something first of all there's no chance of us losing and second of all yourve put Dias as the first goalscorer there's more chance of pants scoring first 😁.

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15 Dec 2018 13:47:00
An own goal Skegs?

15 Dec 2018 14:01:15
The computer is as bad as Prutton for making predictions. Well,almost.

15 Dec 2018 14:03:55
Probably more chance of a eunuch scoring skeg

15 Dec 2018 14:06:11
I think the only goal Dias will score is on a computer simulator, but stranger things can happen, as long as we win that’s all that matters.

15 Dec 2018 15:00:05
Would love him to prove me wrong and make me eat my words and for pants to play a really good game I don't mind being wrong if it means we win especially against the sheep

14 Dec 2018 21:25:41
I see Derby, s mascot was on tonight's, Have l got news for you, confirms what we think .

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14 Dec 2018 13:21:26
Just read the notice on the club website re on social media ref the Derby game and thought here we go the politically correct brigade sanitising our wonderful game. But as i read i found it awful that we have to be warned not to sing about childrens deaths and the passing of ND. I love the rivalry in football, banter the funny goading chants. But do our and counties supporters have that level of hate to stoop so low?
I doubt its anyone on here as its generally a greaf place to vent. So come on ALL you fans red or black, let's extend the spirit of xmas, keep it jovial set the standards and represent our great club in the most glorious of lights.
Let Xmas start here.

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14 Dec 2018 14:27:55
Hear hear! Everyone should enter the Xmas spirit!
Unfortunately sheep have small heads which is why they follow in flocks and some forests are very dense!

14 Dec 2018 19:49:14
Take a look at the Xmas Carol by the forest fan on you tube,then make your mind up Rutland.
As long as you don't mind some swearing though 😀😀

14 Dec 2018 22:45:13
I think it's an awful shame that people need reminding what is offensive to others,whether it is written or spoken or sang! People that are prepared to stoop so low are not fans of football or anything else that resembles decency!For those who cannot differentiate between banter or being offensive,I would say this. KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS TO YOURSELF!

15 Dec 2018 07:42:34
Totaly agree with you don't know why you got a thumbs down thou 😕

15 Dec 2018 10:39:29
Football crowds are reknowned for chanting all the wrong or unPC things, and it's not going to stop anytime soon. However it's only a very small majority who act like bottom apertures.

15 Dec 2018 14:04:11
The problem is that the minority can taint the image of the majority.

15 Dec 2018 17:22:32
I remember when they used to say a small minority caused football violence,strange how it never looked like a ‘small ‘ minority if you bumped into them I’m the street!

15 Dec 2018 19:08:41
Even cloughie couldn't stop fans from swearing and he tried hard enough,it's not just restricted to football and it won't change,if ever there was a chance to show it's not acceptable,the time is now by locking up those Chelsea "fans" for a couple of years.

15 Dec 2018 20:55:35
The answer is that if people of caught saying racist, homophobic or any violence at or around a football game you should be banned for life from entering any public arena for any sport, I hate it when u see fans sticking 2 fingers up and wanker jestures at opposition players, do these people go down the street sticking there fingers up at people - no - so why at a football game?

15 Dec 2018 21:17:13
Yes they do Arran they are usually up your arse in a bmw or the latest must have an Audi 🤔

16 Dec 2018 08:25:09
Haha 😂

13 Dec 2018 17:38:33
Doe, s anyone have up to date news of our current injuries especially on our back four. I know Fox and Dawson are or were injured and we have one serving a suspension .

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13 Dec 2018 20:17:49
Hope your not spying for Frank !

13 Dec 2018 21:03:17
Well the nep had a great article with the headline karanka gives injury update then wrote about Robinson damn rag damn click bate

13 Dec 2018 21:11:26
I spy with my little eye . Now let's be frank 0-1 ,great away win , l bet it,s Derbys biggest gate of the season ,

13 Dec 2018 21:58:43
Dawson out for six weeks and fox another three.

14 Dec 2018 10:13:17
We will either win big or crumble and lose big attacking football as we did against villa will be the only way glad we're playing away and not at home 4-1 the mighty reds 😁

14 Dec 2018 14:31:26
4-1 is my prediction to with another classic away performance? Just ironing the lucky red away trousers!

15 Dec 2018 10:42:35
I have to say I agree with Skegs. No quarter will be given and someone will get a red card - that might decide the game. We need Carvalho, Lolley and Cash to run hard at them all the time, let's hope they slip up, give a penalty away and get a red card very quickly and then we might be able to settle down and outplay them.

13 Dec 2018 10:00:36
Wonder what King Billy does with his time nowdays ,punditry? Scouting? schools coaching ?or does do nothing ,l wonder !

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13 Dec 2018 12:27:33
He's polishing his silver in his castle with all the free money we gave him.😁

13 Dec 2018 13:04:23
He could be polishing his helmet for all I care!

13 Dec 2018 13:28:13
Thought he was the best gaffer by far makes karanka look like a amateur 🙄

13 Dec 2018 14:01:56
His ego???

13 Dec 2018 15:00:38
Still not got a club thou!!

13 Dec 2018 16:02:31
Does that mean he plays Golf ?
Fawaz caddying!

13 Dec 2018 16:04:20
Yes Aps. I wonder why? It's not just because he's not good at interviews I bet.

13 Dec 2018 16:15:34
Strange he has not had a job since leaving Forest.

13 Dec 2018 17:08:25
Top manager better than what we have now you lot wouldn't know a decent gaffer if he slapped you in the face and 2 tone will back me up on this one 😁

13 Dec 2018 19:43:33
I’m with you on that mate . I do however think AK is better than all the rest after and in between BD though

13 Dec 2018 21:11:24
Steady skeggy 🤣

13 Dec 2018 22:02:53
This Tone will back you on that one aswell Skegsjay. And a Leicestershire Red like yourself. Billy Davies was the best manager we had since Frank Clarke and the UEFA cup run season. Whatever Billy was like off the pitch, his teams performed on it. He got the best out of what he had and knew how to set up a team to win. Forest in his times there were a pleasure to watch.

14 Dec 2018 10:57:56
Enjoyed a lot of the games under prince billy but some shockers too-remember the Blackpool play off at home???

14 Dec 2018 14:15:35
Yep 2tone. James Perch gifted them a couple with his awful attempts to pass back to our goalie and was then promptly manhandled by Kelvin Wilson who wasn’t too happy.

14 Dec 2018 14:32:04
No Comment!

15 Dec 2018 10:53:39
Tap - did you blame perch or billy? 🙉

15 Dec 2018 16:37:40
Perch mate.

12 Dec 2018 17:03:52
Dias no assists no goals but constantly on the pitch ,why ?

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12 Dec 2018 18:16:25
Constantly? Because Cash needs a rest?

12 Dec 2018 19:30:01
If we are to give Cash a rest, we would be better to give Appia a run out or maybe try Goncalves because it ain’t working for Dias.

13 Dec 2018 00:44:48
because it must be in his contract but I don't know why he's been so bad I thought it would be a real good signing for us.

13 Dec 2018 07:25:32
He scored against Newcastle in the cup.👍

13 Dec 2018 13:08:39
Unless there's a marked improvement he'll be gone at the end of his loan.Nothing ventured,nothing gained,as they say.

14 Dec 2018 15:46:13
In pantomime speak" Oh no he won,t "

14 Dec 2018 23:01:29
Fans shouting to the back four "he's behind you!"

12 Dec 2018 13:04:47
Thought the FA dictated the ticket allocations for FA Cup ties?!
Our allocation of less than 3000 from Chelsea is very poor.

{Ed001's Note - it is a percentage of the overall gate that is a minimum they can give, unless there are valid safety reasons not to. According the to FA Cup rules and in particular section 21. (a) the distribution of tickets should be as follows:
"In all matches preceding the Semi-Finals, the Visiting Club shall have the right to claim up to 15% of all accommodation for which tickets are issued providing these tickets are in a fully segregated area."

They can reduce it based on not having a segregated area or advice from the local Safety Advisory Group (which is made up of H&S, local council, emergency services etc). The other factor is that your club might not have requested the full 15%. That happens quite a lot.}

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12 Dec 2018 16:11:03
Thanks for clearing that up Ed.
I am not sure of the exact capacity of the Chelsea’s ground nor whether Forest turned down additional tickets but I reckon we took in excess of 4000 fans to an evening Carabo cup game last year so this is strange.

If the capacity is 40000 that would have provided circa 6000 tickets which we would have sold quite easily.

I suspect the local police have curtailed the allocation due to home games in the capital that day.

Sad and strange.

12 Dec 2018 13:03:37
Can anyone tell me how long it's been since us and the sheep have had the same managers in place for more than one "derby" match? I can't get my head around it.

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12 Dec 2018 13:48:55
Think it goes all the way back to Billy Davies and Nigel Clough. Happy to be corrected though.

13 Dec 2018 00:51:16
well I think if we lose on Monday ours might be out the door, just can't shake the feeling that something isn't right with karanka, and don't get me wrong I don't want him gone or he doesn't deserve to be sacked I just think things are not rosy atm.

13 Dec 2018 15:00:26

Our resident Derby spy.

Hi, Arran!

13 Dec 2018 18:25:36
Yea cus I love derby can’t get enough of them white shirts, that’s the 1st time ever I’ve been called a derby fan tho and if u actually knew me you’d definitely know I wasn’t, my point was I don't think everything is rosy with our manager atm and losing derby games has cost managers their jobs on both sides hasn’t it before

13 Dec 2018 22:56:18
It's impossible to tell if there is anything wrong, he always looks miserable anyway, marinakis needs to get some ouzo down him, that'll cheer him up😀

14 Dec 2018 00:10:16
im sure beating the sheep will give us all some festive cheer and i'm happy its away lol

14 Dec 2018 10:01:56
If, for any reason, Karanka is sacked after the Derby game, I'll invade the pitch during our next home game wearing a Derby shirt and my a*se painted luminous pink. I'll then jump straight into the Trent never to be seen again. I promise.


14 Dec 2018 15:46:49
Lol something to look forward to if we get beat an he gets the boot but hopefully your embarrassment will be speared I don’t want him gone I’d just prefer it if he’d start wising up a bit like actually playing a left back at left back even if it’s a youngster an not bringing Dias on with 25 to go when he’s done nothing to deserve playing, anyway here’s to Monday hoping for a good win n performance, hate watching derby games get so nervous.


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