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26 Jun 2019 08:04:33
Having just read an article on the Evening Post website regarding our superb acquisition.
To me the article tries to justify why forest came to sign him portraying him as a savior for Bolton. Well we need more than a savior if O'Neil continues signing players of this calibre. .

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26 Jun 2019 10:53:12
He even admitted that "I took football for granted for years".
We don't need another Bendtner!!!

26 Jun 2019 13:51:02
Says Basil the guy that constantly spouts negativity and then accuses others of doing so!
Cannot wait for the season to start and for Forest to start winning games when you never hear a peep from Mr Fawlty?
I take it you won't be sponsoring Sammy's shirt this season then Basil?

Review Of The Day 26th June 2019

26 Jun 2019 07:39:17
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 26th June 2019

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25 Jun 2019 22:55:03
Fantasy Fawazs' cup has runneth over with his protestation that it's his FA Cup but he will personally bring it home and back to the City Ground trophy cabinet from his mantle piece.

He seems to have got into a right Pickles over the missing cup but the old dog has turned it up in the bushes once again?

Three cheers for the old dog Pickles a hero once again recovering both the 1959 and 1966 missing cups!


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26 Jun 2019 02:26:08
Just bringing back negativity from our previous owner, he is in the past forget about him.

26 Jun 2019 05:58:16
LC Tommy exile likes to linger on past memories unfortunately.
Looking forward is like another world for him.

26 Jun 2019 13:44:50
Only commenting on current news boys. Please keep up with the programme we have a missing piece in our trophy cabinet which found its way onto someone's mantle piece.!

26 Jun 2019 15:20:49
Why did he have to have another cup commissioned at the cost of £23,000?where was the previous cup replica?

26 Jun 2019 22:20:22
Think he got fed up of being a "MUG"

25 Jun 2019 19:22:01
Just looking on N.P Roy Keane 5th favourite to take over at Derby, is it all bull from the N.P or are they just trying to wind us up. Surely keano wouldn't do that to us?. I know he wants a job in management but knowing the rivalry he wouldn't would he?

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25 Jun 2019 19:42:27
Even mad mel has more sense than that.
Monk will get that gig and the sheep will get money for Lampard and get monk for fre,all planned.

25 Jun 2019 19:45:35
Only fans have loyalty, especially when it comes to their clubs outside the top leagues.

25 Jun 2019 20:17:51
You can't expect managers to have loyalty as a few bad results and their fate is sealed,not many see out their contracts.

25 Jun 2019 20:32:43
Lol good luck to him he will need it

25 Jun 2019 20:53:54
Well at least the attendance will go down even further skeggs.
Maybe mel has found religion and wants a Keane Monk partnership

25 Jun 2019 21:34:21
Some papers reporting steven gerard of rangers surely not !!!

25 Jun 2019 21:41:19
Wouldn't be suprised,good escape route now he knows he can't stop Celtic

25 Jun 2019 21:52:07
Keane favourite for Doncaster job

25 Jun 2019 23:49:42
Keano is favourite for Doncaster job he would manage anyone except the sheep pity he left us but I'm still looking forward to this season hope o dowda signs and a good striker

Brahim Diaz

25 Jun 2019 13:51:37
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new player profile about, Brahim Diaz

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25 Jun 2019 12:05:36
West Ham offered Sam Byram another player plus £10 for a West Brom player which got turned down.

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25 Jun 2019 13:29:17
Byram just needs to sit and wait until West Ham run out of options offering him as a BOGOF deal and we will get him on loan for nothing!

25 Jun 2019 20:40:53
Hes certainly been told to BOGOFF,

25 Jun 2019 20:53:00
With his injury record that is a polite way of putting it.

25 Jun 2019 06:59:59
I must have missed something. When did the ground be renamed the New City Ground?

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25 Jun 2019 06:18:23
Just reading some of the laughable posts regarding our latest acquisition. ameobi. ie. he played well at Newcastle. He banged them in at Bolton. Hmmm. He scored 4 Goals. Not a great return is it?
Yes he maybe a free transfer but don't expect him to light up the wing. A fringe player at best! .

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25 Jun 2019 11:48:18
Just maybe, with the right players along side and the right manager coach etc , he might hopefully surprise us all . Hope so!

25 Jun 2019 13:26:56
Get back in your box Basil! The season has not even started and you are already upsetting the guests!

25 Jun 2019 14:01:14
poor stats helped by poor teams. He'd have more assists to his name if the strikers he played with tucked away chances he gave them.

Free transfer, one-year contract. I'm hopeful he shows enough this year for us to extend contract.

Any news on Hutton and Muric?

25 Jun 2019 14:42:44
One year deal shows the confidence the club has.
Listen to what Bolton fans say.didnt look bothered most of the time,poor for the majority of the games with a few good games.may as well have Dias bk

25 Jun 2019 14:59:05
85, The fact the player has accepted a one year deal is proof he wants to prove himself.

25 Jun 2019 15:02:41
Our resident compare Tommy has arisen for his say on ameobi. All I have to say is 4 Goals and 8 assists. Great return. Oh and Bolton slated him.
If signings like this do it for you for forest are in for one hell of a season!
I've seen more ambition in a sloth trying to climb everest.

25 Jun 2019 15:03:13
Sutton I could not agree more.

25 Jun 2019 18:42:44
Give over Sutton. Might have well kept Dias you say!
That bloke was the second worse player I've ever seen in a Forest shirt.

25 Jun 2019 19:12:46
It's ok Redinexile. "he's from Barcelona"

25 Jun 2019 22:33:30
Sybil will sort that little rat out?

Review Of The Day 25th June 2019

25 Jun 2019 07:39:17
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 25th June 2019

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24 Jun 2019 21:37:24
Seen a picture of ameobi the evening post site. Is that the new shirt ?

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24 Jun 2019 22:01:49
Over in Salou, watching a Balloon Show of all things!!!
Just saw Cumminngs,Clough,Hefle to name a few,all floating away into the night sky,with they're "inflated" wages.
Maybe I've had too much Sangria!!!


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