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20 Apr 2019 18:18:22
Visited the rowing clubs the Saturday we played Blackburn, they are not to sure the deal that has been offered to rebuild the clubs will be as generous as what's been offered . Called in to see the club l use to row for in the sixties before it's gone for good . A few late nights on the sauce l remember, those were the days . The tales l could tell, might get me in serious trouble.

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20 Apr 2019 20:06:54
Happy days late nights at the rowing clubs and in the nightclub at the Bridgford Hotel.
Better scoring record than Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Haha.
Falling in the Trent doing water sports was a different matter but it certainly cleared out the system and being able to pass through the proverbial eye of the needle !
Anyone remember the "Ladies Nights" at the Musters Hotel?

20 Apr 2019 20:50:14
They might have called it "ladies" night,never found one不不不
They also called it a hotel,不不不

20 Apr 2019 21:13:29
Talking of ladies , does any one know or heard of a girl called Danuta (Dank) . What a lovely girl , real nice person . Wondered what happened to her , memories of the sixties.

20 Apr 2019 20:50:31
Being a member of the rowing club got you into almost every club in Nottingham free, as most of the staff belonged to rowing clubs and knew you . Saved a packet when big named stars were on . And also would get the odd beer or two for free . We got many forest and county players in , got free tickets too . Membership at only 瞿5-00 per year , can't knock it .

20 Apr 2019 22:48:54
I was never good with oars they send you round in circles when you drop one,不不不

21 Apr 2019 09:48:30
Are we talking about "the oars" in the Musters then Fff?不

21 Apr 2019 11:33:43
Red 鳶鳶鳶鳶鳶

Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest 19 April 2019

20 Apr 2019 18:15:55
{Ed's Note - creepy1 has posted a new article entitled, Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest 19 April 2019

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20 Apr 2019 18:23:52
Your my sort of Forest Fan, creepy1 . As for an element of our away fans? Sadly it is indicative of a disrespectful society and prevalent in most clubs. No consequences, so act with impunity. I'm sure they wouldn't be welcome at your house.

20 Apr 2019 20:10:49
Absolutely scouse .
Just winds me up really

20 Apr 2019 22:02:21
Cant argue with that creepy.
Pretty much spot on

21 Apr 2019 06:36:31
I agree a good summary of the match. I think if Ed agrees there is a job for Creepy as match reporter

{Ed001's Note - I definitely would agree with that.}

20 Apr 2019 16:52:57
Put a post up last night has it gone awol do you know ?

{Ed033's Note - yes, adding it to the articles site thanks

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20 Apr 2019 20:11:16
Thank you sir

20 Apr 2019 17:48:44
Am I the only one who thinks Colback isn't as good as he thinks? A lot of you want him next year. Unless the club does another daft contract, 5yrs daft, I can't see him signing for us. PL wages and he thinks he's worth it, not sure myself.

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20 Apr 2019 18:10:36
He ain,t worth it , what we need next season is a entirely new midfield and a goalkeeper . That's where we are losing it , for me anyway.

20 Apr 2019 18:36:13
The Ginger Ninja isn't worth it.
He's play his part for forest and with the wages he's on I'd look elsewhere.

20 Apr 2019 19:08:30
Since MON come in his game has definitely not the same. Maybe playing him in different positions has effected his game.

20 Apr 2019 19:33:18
Maybe redtree.
In all fairness all the team look the same way since the fossils arrival.

20 Apr 2019 20:28:44
I think Colback has been our most consistent performer this season but he is obviously not in the same class as someone like Grealish and would like to see him back next year but as with all things its a question of money.
If he were to sign for another club he walks away from a contract worth 2.5 million for next season so I suspect his agent will be wanting to get him a 3 or maybe 4 year deal and even at 20k a week that could be up to a 4 million wage bill .

I would go with a 2 year deal on that kind of money but no longer

20 Apr 2019 21:58:29
Weve already got a ready made replacement- Claudio Yacob!

20 Apr 2019 22:19:33
I'd leave it creepy and move on,
Not a fan of loanees and he's been here 18 months which is too long for any loan.
My biggest issue is his lack of pace and McGinn showed how poor he can be faced with pace and determination.
Rafa is no fool and knows there is no place for players who can't get back quick enough to defend.

Sometimes fans don't see the faults in player,to me a midfield destroyer wins the ball and then gets you moving forward as quickly as possible,colback just plays at one pace mainly walking,not his fault as that's his style,but to me not good enough if you want to really progress,same with Watson and yates.
You win the ball and move it quickly at pace,something this squad lacks in abundance

20 Apr 2019 14:10:09
Smithy asks us to name 5 players we would retain next season. Sorry pal, struggling even to name so few but would say Lolley, Colback and Yacob. Might have said Grabbon and Robinson but not even sure of those two now. We need to get rid of a huge amount of players and then MON could bring in another half dozen defensive midfielders with zero creativity to take us forward. The joys of following Forest. U REDS.

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20 Apr 2019 14:52:22
Lolley, Colback, Yacob, Grabban, Robinson, Carvalho and Figs. Maybe Milosavic (seems like a good centreback) and Darikwa (good backup + hardly gets injured).

I reckon these players are good enough for the right end of the table.

20 Apr 2019 14:54:42
Just before August there would of been quite a fell but all of a sudden after a managerial change there not good enough.lolgrabban had had his main supply taken away by a manager who does like playmakers.oneill would put Messi in the reserves because hes too small and too creative
The same oneill who when at villa said Ashley young was on par with

20 Apr 2019 15:37:43
Lol Sutton put your hanky away mate he's gone and good riddance krankie gump

20 Apr 2019 16:48:58
Guys,just crack open a few cold ones,and enjoy this fabulous weather!!!
God knows we waited long enough "Here Comes The Sun"
Sorry couldn't get over (again) this year. see yous next year!!!

20 Apr 2019 17:22:41
Amen to that pal.the sun and a cold beer is just what the doctor ordered

20 Apr 2019 17:51:45
I'm just having my first Stella rogie cheers mate then off to the pub for a long blury night out and a filthy kebab on the way home

20 Apr 2019 18:05:58
As we say over here Skeggsy. "go on ya boy Yee!!!"

20 Apr 2019 19:32:22
Thats all you can do to try and wipe the second half of the season out of your minds get wrecked,fact is is it will still be there in the morning but you will have even more of a headache trying to work out what the hell oneill is doing or offering.
I didnt mean August I meant December.

20 Apr 2019 19:33:07
With you on that Sutton.Carvalho/Grabban combo was starting to click pre xmas.

20 Apr 2019 20:58:11
Lol sutton but you always smile?
Or so you say?
Ps if you suffer from hangovers give up drinking it's all about knowing your limits and drink plenty of water before going to bed,it'll stop your brain going into overdrive sutton不不不鳶鳶

Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan Fight Preview

20 Apr 2019 14:00:59
{Ed's Note - Roro1892 has posted a new article entitled, Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan Fight Preview

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Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan Fight Preview

20 Apr 2019 14:00:59
{Ed's Note - Roro1892 has posted a new article entitled, Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan Fight Preview

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20 Apr 2019 13:01:41
An amusing ( to me anyway ) interlude amongst the tedium yesterday when early on after a speculative shot went well wide Pantilimon rushed out to almost the halfway line ranting and gesticulating at all and sundry for some reason or other.

In the second half when one of his usual kicks went straight into touch Yacob gave him some back pointing to where the ball had gone out.

People in glass houses . .

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20 Apr 2019 13:12:13
yes i saw that as well

20 Apr 2019 15:29:12
Just glad it wasn't an ACTUAL glass house!!!

20 Apr 2019 10:24:01
What does everyone think of O'neill and Keane. Originally I thought they would be a good fit. But now think it's not working.
Injuries suspensions and players bought by Karanka or owner haven't helped
I say owner because when we signed all the foreigners ie the 3 young Portuguese lads
Soudani ect. This couldn't of been karankas recommendation.
We could of spent that money on proven championship players. I also think they've lost the dressing room.
Wether we keep O'neill Keane or get rid.
It's back to the drawing board. We need to get rid of at least 20 players. Some will be going because loan / contracts end.
But I'd sell calvalho osbourn worrell
And any other player that we can sell who aren't regular first team players.
Then within ffp. We can back whoever is in charge with quality over quantity.

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20 Apr 2019 12:13:09
Id agree with that. Carvalho and Osborn between them would bank us 瞿20m. Add Grabban to that and thats 瞿25m on top of what is likely to be a healthy transfer budget.

Id like to see us use our loans more effectively and bring in proven British based players. Had enough of Algerian strikers, Portuguese wingers etc. Only wolves have made that work in recent times.

20 Apr 2019 12:41:41
Not sure where we are regarding 瞿39m losses over 3 seasons? I think Carvalho's fee was over 3 seasons and Brereton's 瞿7m will help. But not sure we'll have a pot big enough, to sort this mess out. Anyone clued in to our current losses?

20 Apr 2019 12:48:24
Agreed we need a right good clear be honest i can't think of enough players I'd want to keep to make a full team.out of curiosity I'd like to know who you fellow reds would definitely want to keep for next season.i can't get to many games due to work commitments but as some of you go week in week out you have a far better insight into the players than i do so based on what u have all seen this season who would you want to keep.lets make it easier and say your top 5 players

20 Apr 2019 12:51:30
I would be interested to now what the atmosphere is like between the players now. So many additions, so many not in the picture. I cannot imagine this is easy for MON or the players, in fact anyone at the club. Don't like the body language of the players. It's not good at the moment. Feel that there is big news coming. Who from? Owner? Manager? Players? Watch this space.

20 Apr 2019 13:06:51
Only players Id keep are
1 Steele as back up sign a quality keeper ie butland
2 Darikwa
3 Byram if he stays fit. Loan again
4 Robinson
5 milesovic
6 benouloune
7 figs if over injury
8 Colback
9 Yacob
10 cash
11 Lolley
12 Yates
13 Appiah
14 Grabban only if we couldnt get 5m back.
Id sell the rest calvalho sell to Olympiakos for 13m
Osborne 4/5m stoke were interested
Worrell 5/7m
That would be over 20m for those 3. All rest Id get what I could for them. Then reinvest in
Goalkeeper centre half 2 creative attack minded centre midfielders.
Another speedy winger
2 quality forwards

20 Apr 2019 13:30:28
I'll have a puff on what you've been smoking if you think Osborne is worth 5 million or do you mean Turkish Lira

20 Apr 2019 13:41:37
Wed be lucky to get 1 million for Osborn now.

20 Apr 2019 15:06:24
I worrall worth max a mill in my opinion

20 Apr 2019 17:11:42
Maxinillion ?

20 Apr 2019 21:26:44
In my opinion only Jacob and Colback would get into say Norwichs 1st team.

Lolley would make the bench.

I say this because Jacob and Colback score a steady 7/ 8 out of ten most times theyre selected Lolley has good games and poor games. Other than that there is no player in our squad that I would want printed on the back of my shirt. Just being honest. The worst squad we have had for a long time.

20 Apr 2019 21:27:05
In my opinion only Jacob and Colback would get into say Norwichs 1st team.

Lolley would make the bench.

I say this because Jacob and Colback score a steady 7/ 8 out of ten most times theyre selected Lolley has good games and poor games. Other than that there is no player in our squad that I would want printed on the back of my shirt. Just being honest. The worst squad we have had for a long time.

20 Apr 2019 21:40:43
People on here saying how much we will get for players but seriously who will want to buy them? and who has a spare 20-30 million to buy them? We are stuck with rubbish so the next manager needs to be miracle worker. I follow us every home and some away games and will only say it as I see it, this squad is average at best and there is a massive task ahead for our beloved club to earmark a top 6 spot for next season.

20 Apr 2019 09:01:06
Thank god the sun is shining on an otherwise depressing time for Forest fans!

Got to say I didn't see much improvement on the Blackburn game 1 shot on target.

MON bleating on about a decision that changed the game, clinging to the vain hope of a penalty that never was the fact is he again picked the wrong team.

Colback out of position 3 holding midfield players that can't pick a forward pass between them and Cash and Lolley who both look totally fed up and out of form.

That's without Murphy up front on his own who always does his best but is to slow and past his best

PLease tell me why Appiah, Milosevic, Grabban and Robinson weren't on from the start as I don't understand.

Strange and eccentric decisions from a strange and eccentric management team who have to go imo.

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20 Apr 2019 12:13:57
The season is dead in the water and the manager is reviewing all of the players. Makes sense to rotate.

20 Apr 2019 12:40:35
I carnt disagree more. Weve nothing to play for the season is dead so why aren't the players playing attack minded football and playing with freedom, at least give the fans some hope of what might happen next season. Instead same old crappy hoof all and bad coaching. What the hell did MON say to Marinakis to get the job in the first place, because it carnt of been what were getting served week in week out.

20 Apr 2019 12:45:21
Its only dead in the water because of his crap team selection and hoofball tactics, instead or ROTATE INSERT THE WORD SWIVEL!!!


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