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13 Feb 2019 13:47:36
Forgot to say well done in my rant about the serial cheats like Gale and Roofe about our efforts last night at WBA. Massive improvement which tells me with a bit more time our new management team can really get things turned around for the better. Still enough games if we can get on a roll this season but it is going to take something special. Special mention for Ryan Yates and our resident superman Jack Colback, this could be potentially the key partnership midfield pairing we have had for years. I have pleaded many times this season for Forest to sign Colback so one more time, please please get it done, he would be worth every penny. U REDS.

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13 Feb 2019 13:08:44
If all teams above us win their games in hand then it's looking like the gap mite just be too big. Hate to say it but it looks like another season where we say let's have a clear out in the summer and let the new manager have a gud crack at it next season. Same old same old but has that wiley old fox got one last fight in him to do what he's achieved in the past? Maybe just maybe he and Keano can create their own history, what a story that would be. Of course there is still 14 games to go and plenty to play for, win most of them and you've got a chance. But straws and clutching spring to mind as we got to put a huge effort into winning game after game and rely on others to slip up. But as always FTID and will always pray that while it's still possible we win game after game and sneak in there.

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13 Feb 2019 12:19:50
Refereeing mistakes happen. However they don't seem to be in our favour. Last night the penalty that was dubious at best for WBA and the penalty shout on lolley just after. clear handball goal for leeds against us. 4 points that were stolen from us. Some refs should wear masks! I noticed that sky sports highlights didn't show the fouls on lolley either. Seems like we have to do more in games to account for refereeing oversights to put it kindly. It sounds like sour grapes put to put it into context what if we missed out on the play offs by for example 3 points. Food for thought folks. COYR.

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13 Feb 2019 11:34:08
Worral, Appiah, Yates, Osborn , Grant
Things are looking up- a very fine crop of young talent just itching to play for the club. I would sooner have these guys in than fancy dan hasbeens here for a pay cheque. Thought we defended really well last night- Gutted to be robbed by another refereeing gaffe.

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13 Feb 2019 09:56:48
Another cruel ending to a game in the same vein as the dirties away but an outstanding performance and we were set up well to stifle and block Albion for most of the night.

So different to Saturday when Brentford ran the midfield and in the main they were reduced to long range efforts and we really closed down well preventing many decent crosses into the box and those that did make it were generally well dealt with by Benalouane and in particular Milosevic.

Yates second mom award in a row was arguably far more justified than the one from the weekend and he certainly let Albion know he was on the pitch although personally I thought Colback was immense for the whole match.

Another game where it would be picky to criticise any of the players really but that said I thought Watson looked tired from 30 minutes in and may need to have a break on the bench.

Loath as I am to do so I felt that the officials had a poor evening although live and also watching at normal speed on the Tv theirs looked to be a clear penalty and only on replay is it clear that it was a blatant dive by Gayle.

That apart I thought there were several tackles that could and should have been card offences and on another day a red card or two may have been evident and justified

Quite obviously we should have been awarded a penalty for the shirt pulling on Lolley but it seems that so few penalties are awarded for this.
Anywhere else on the pitch a free kick would be given 9 times out of 10 but in the box the other players shirt is fair game.

I see this constantly from my seat in the Trent End week in week out from corners and set pieces and its quite baffling to me how it is done so blatantly and obviously by every side.
If games are to finish with ridiculous scorelines for a while then so be it because surely teams would soon learn not to do it ( be interesting to see how VAR impacts this next season in the prem).

However a point is what I hoped for and a point is what we took so I console myself with that plus it was good to see Messrs O'neill and Keane showing real passion from the touchline.

On to Preston this weekend in the hope that we continue in the same way and

As always ...


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13 Feb 2019 10:36:15
It's very rare for me to find a reason to disagree with anything that you post creepy1.Keep them coming pal.👍

13 Feb 2019 10:48:15
Creepy your right mate colback was immense,and I thought Osborn put in a great shift ,I’m less annoyed at the first pen than the one we didn’t get, if shirt pulling in the box is now legal they should just say so because outside the box it appears to be a free kick and a booking, cheats can con refs , but the lolley decision with the ref in a perfect position begs the question whether he’s a cheat because he obviously saw the shirt pulling, oh and the sending off we never got when lolly would have been clean through, I allege this referee was a cheat

13 Feb 2019 12:24:00
Again Benny put a shift in and it does seem churlish to critical but his lack of strength and pace at times exposed his lack of effectiveness on the flanks going forward.
Watching last night I can see why O'Neil uses the long ball out from he back: Purely to relieve the pressure/stop the attack! It seemed to work well. It is our defence that needs urgent sorting and when we don't concede a headed goal from a dead ball situation it has to be seen as progress.
The two central defenders were strong and dominant. Really like the look of Milosevic. He has some class. Can't wait to see him link up with Carvalho!!

13 Feb 2019 09:37:14
So Dwight Gayle now joins Roofe in the championships cheating scumbags hall of fame. Another overpaid shameless so called footballer who cheats our club out of a deserved victory. Those two games have seen these football low life cheat us out of four points in just two games and both against top sides which could be the difference between play offs or promotion. The referee says I was wrong, well that is absolutley worth nothing now. Disgusted does not come close to describing serial cheats such as Gayle and those of his kind who are happy to ruin football for the fans have no place in the game and we can only hope all of football let's them know so. U REDS.

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13 Feb 2019 10:05:09
Blimey!!! Thought I was angry!!!
Well said!!!

13 Feb 2019 08:01:30
Surely Gayle should be banned for 3 games ? If you want to cheat you run the risk of getting found out. If you get found out the ramifications should impact on the club? Fair ?

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13 Feb 2019 08:57:49
Totally agree, these cheats are killing the game.
My summary of the game
No penalty to to them
we should have had a penalty
every plater worked for the team but Osbourne was outstanding. For a little guy he really was not intimidated by their giants and got stuck in with plenty of last ditch tackles and tried his best to out muscle them.
If only Grabban had put away that golden chance.
still a good result

13 Feb 2019 07:30:08
What a display by the Reds! We were better in every part of the pitch except for diving, shirt pulling and deliberate to obstruction! Keep this side together with MoN at the helm we will get to the premier league I have no doubt. Our away supporters are amazing thank once again last night.

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13 Feb 2019 07:45:44
Unfortunately I have Virgin TV,so I thought I'd watch the match on Mobdro,
I thought "omg!!! I didn't realise Lolley was so fast!!"
Then I realised it was the dodgy stream!!!

13 Feb 2019 07:05:26
Only one change needed to the starting line up for the next game and that's Yacob for Watson. Osborn looked like little boy playing against men at some points last night but he can't be faulted for his efforts.

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13 Feb 2019 07:24:57
What a welcome site to see O'Neill and Keane going mental over that pathetic ref, clearly that transcended onto the pitch with a great fighting display.
Makes a change to standing with your hands in your pockets,

13 Feb 2019 07:49:18
Mr Columbo always got is hands in his poackets, Being Italian could not understand a word Aitor said

12 Feb 2019 23:33:06
Can anybody tell me how are 13 million pound player done tonight did we miss him only nobody as mentioned him at all in our good display.

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13 Feb 2019 10:32:02
I think I watched a completely different game to most or I'm overly critical which I prob am but if we was so dominant in that game why is it we only had 30% of the possession and no shots on target in the whole of the first half, I thought the team battled well but way to many aimless long balls just needed someone to put their foot on it not,as for the ref he needed to go spec savers, one dick like Gayle dives gets what he wants and one to honest lolley who could have gone down and been forgiven for doing so ,overall if not the best game of footie I've ever seen by the reds at least they thought for each other

13 Feb 2019 12:26:09
Dan I agree with some of what you have written , but this was a solid away performance,generally away from home you will have less of the ball and with the possession we had we were more effective than they were, but even the manager admitted we lumped it when we could have played it at times, and I think they will work on that One thing though pantillimon still scares the life out of me, because he never looks like coming off his line for anything


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