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10 Jun 2012 19:43:05
On s/m @QADSAWIMALAKI is claiming the take over is already done and there should be an announcement with in the next few days. I do hope that this is true!

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I hope its not true, want local owners who will force my club to live within its means. Don't want new owners to pump in (and lose) money so that players can be overpaid. Fed up with that. I want wages to fall a lot, and admission prices to fall a bit.

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Its looks like its true its on forest website a if it is we are getting warnock

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No disrespect but it's the same old stuff. Last week we was supposed to know, now this week. Will get exited when sky get a hinkling of something until then not getting edited at all. Sorry to dampen your spirits. {Ed034's Note - When it came out 9 days ago about the Kuwait fella, it was said he would not say who it was for two weeks. My math says there are still 5 days

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Not on web site just looked!

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Only in the press talk section and that has no validity whatsoever. If a national newspaper said Kylie Minogue was to be our next manager and Simon Cowel was taking us over it would appear on that page.

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There nuffing on the club website so y lie it the fixtures thing sign up n this takeover a long way on it all just rumours !

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The page on forest site is called press talk... so hardly confirmed as true

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Actually it came out 12 days ago

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ED, its maths not math. We're English old boy

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I think its math.

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Maths is short for mathematics... so math is an Americanism not English {Ed034's Note - Hahaha blimey who would of thought one little s, would cause so much offence. Last post on the math/maths thing and back to the original post

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One more Ed, especially as I am confirming you are correct - it is 'math', end of now! {Ed034's Note - Well as your agreeing with me, I'll let one more go lol

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10 Jun 2012 19:26:05
quotes from falwaz al-hasawi twitter page (translated to English)

Qadsia love will not die and will remain always and never in my blood (you must meet for my Qadsia)

Do not rush ڤato Qadsia and Tmhlhm until the arrival of a letter from federal court and provides them with another letter at the request of the club to extend the deadline to date 6/21

Seems interesting, he is thought to be in due dilligance, does this mean it will all be finalised and announced on the 21/6 ?
I myself hope so as we need to get buying and strengthen the squad

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What sort of credible businessman Tweets his dealings? Is he the face of one of the Munto crew ??

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This is about the club he resigned from not forest of he is to take over he will of signed something to make sure he doesn't make anything public til everything sorted and official

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This kuwaiti guy may be rich, he has an estimated 400 million sterling, but he ais not a billionaire like some think - of that 400 million, over 360 million is tied up in his refrigeration business and some 15 to 20 million is tied up in property which leaves him an estimated 20 million - he will have to mortgage his property to pay for Forest and the club will end up paying his morgages hence part of his plan is to fetch young kuwait players over to prevent spending on signings

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Rich or not it is his links to more very rich Kuwaiti royalty that would bring additional investment. Unlike other suitors at least the guy has a background with a reputable football team rather than ice hockey or netball and with his refrigeration background at least the match day beers will be cold!!!

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Ok. so if its all under wraps for another few days, how can anyone know how much is invested in what, and if he needs to re mortgage his house?

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10 Jun 2012 14:10:52
Birmingham are after SC as there next manager,sc will have put out more fires than red adaire,younger readers ask your grandad who red adaire was,talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire Birmingham have more cash problems than most apart from pompey.

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I hope they take him, my left bollock could manage a team better than him.

REDMAN - the official NFFC imposter

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10 Jun 2012 13:42:00
Steve Cotterill is a leading contender to replace Chris Hughton at Brimingham.

Neil Warnock is being lined up by the consortium trying to gain control of Nottingham Forest to replacer Steve Cotterill.

Souce: People

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People as in the news paper? Because theres nothing about Steve cotterill

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Yes there is its true ive read it

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Its on the press talk section on the OS

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Yes there is

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I've checked all the betting sites and steve cotterill isn't even in the top 50 for Birmingham. The people did report Neil warnock to be our next manager but I guess they just picked this up from the other stories as I'm sure they said the same thing lady Sunday. Not a great paper for getting things right

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They might not be right a lot of the time but maybe this time as warnock isn't happy isn't happy with the funds available at Leeds

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I posted the original story above.

Totally disagree with you on The People paper. Whilst I wouldnt say the paper is the best but in terms of 'rumour' stories it has printed, only on Forest I may add as I dont care about other clubs, most have ended up being factual, in terms of who they have pursued and of who they have signed.

I'm not saying this story will be true but looking into what could be happening at each club, Birmingham might need a manager to do things on the cheap and if a takeover is going through for Forest I would say the probable outcome is that Cotterill will be let go.

Only time will tell

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Warnock would never come to forest anyway, he knows how much the fans hate him.

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Warnock isn't leaving leeds so stop posting saying he's going to join forest.hes getting a big budget after the take over and won't I mean won't be leaving Leeds dream on MOT

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Been a Forest fan for 35yrs and do not want Warnock anywhere near my club.

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Warnock has always wanted the forest job since his days at notts county so I wouldn't be surprised if he came to us

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To the leeds fan above: you're not getting taken over, you're getting an investor, warnock has already been given his budget and has lined up players only to find when he's back from his holiday that only 1 has been signed. He's pissed off, and he's rumoured to be ready to walk, so don't be 100% sure or you might end up crying.

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What would birmingham want with steve cotterill?

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A more pertinent question is what would cotterill want with birmingham?

He needs a job with a non-crisis club if he wants to move forward.

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