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10 Mar 2012 18:23:47
omg couldn't belive miller coming on,g8 he gets the ball and gives it staight away, i just hpoe cotterill does not plan on playing him again until he gets
injured and sits dexter out or even tudgay.
lets see what happens on tuesday.
cmon reds lets do the sheep like they done us when they came to our ground.
good old watford bit a little damage in there,

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Idiot!! Miller didn't give the ball away at all and looked a good threat for the short time he was on.
Even after a fantastic win, the only thing you can post is a negative comment.

Hoppers u1

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I agree the players get stick if we win and even if we loose we need to be getting behind the lads because they seem to of turned things around we was points adrift of safety now were 5 points clear and with a game in hand so we r on the up!! as for miller has he really had his chance yet we got him when he wasn't 100% fit then he picked up a few niggles so i still think there is more to come from him prob not this season but next when he as got himself back to 100% in the summer. BRING ON THE DERBY

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Yes he did, he came onto the pitch and his first contribution was falling on the floor and loosing it - watched a couple of videos of Miller 2-3 years ago and his type of play back then was effective but dont rate miller at all any more he doesn't work for the ball and just complains about everything, Tudgay/Findley and Blackstock to start upfront pretty much every week, and Derbyshire.... well pathetic.

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I was stood up in u1 and your talking rubbish.
Thats not the point anyway. We won, scored three goals and the city ground was in great voice. Why come on and be negative?? Can you not come on and make a positive comment?? I just do not understand why some people are do miserable

Hoppers u1

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10 Mar 2012 17:49:49
Nottingham Knights to make a formal bid for the club next week

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Never heard of a pub buying a football team

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The Doughty Estate support may be quite a bit less than Nigel's original commitment, which was to honour all contracts made during his time as chairman: if all those contracts expire between now and August then the amount is the same, but this is unlikely to be the case. There is also the open question of how much of any sale price is paid to the Doughty Estate compared to going into the club, and what happens to the loans that are outstanding.

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No open question, the Doughty Estate will get all of the sale price & that will be much less than the loans owed.

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