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11 May 2012 17:33:12
Nottingham Forest to sign Karleigh Osborne on a free transfer, very good player and we're in desperate need of defenders. RH

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11 May 2012 12:42:50
McClaery 2 good luck 2 the lad. Shame he cant stay but thats were we r at presently. Hope 4 good news on take over but the longer it takes the more frustration 4 everyone. REDMAN

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11 May 2012 10:38:15
Nottingham Forest have lodged a bid for Woodall

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11 May 2012 10:05:52
Paul Dixon, Dundee Utd Left Back, being lined up on a £4k per week deal, will hopefully solve our longstanding problem on the left hand side of defence. He is available on a free.

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Lee Dixon is more likely

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And Kerry Dixon up front!

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11 May 2012 09:25:52
Cunningham first to sign. £500k plus sell on clause. Anounced when SC + GC return from hols. 3 players released from contracts anounced next week. Source = club physio

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Fraid not. Man City rate cunningham. They will want a lot more than that.

Two full international fullbacks would be nice though

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Why do City want Cunningham ? He will never play in there first team as they would rather spend millions on a world class full back. Dont talk rubbish, i bet your a Raddy fan deep down which says it all.

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I disagree city used to rate m
cunningham.... However, with the spending power they have once clichy is past his best, they will go out and buy another top left back, not cunningham... I would not be suprised at all if we sign him as i belive he is not needed at city....

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11 May 2012 08:51:09
forest are set to sign kyle bennett from doncaster for a fee of £600,000 and gary hooper from celtic for a fee of £5.2m

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Forest cant afford 5 million

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Haha brilliant ! This is why I go on this site !

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Kyle bennett would be a good signing but hooper for 5.2million would be a waste of money we could get five players for that price.We definitley need at least five!

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Normally I have to watch Alan Partridge DVDs for my humour fix, now I can read the words forest and 5.2m in the same post.

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5.2 million? A club record transfer fee at a time when we are broke and relying on the goodwill of the Doughty estate to continue trading. OK.

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11 May 2012 02:35:23
Forest have resigned some guy called Chris Cohen

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Its like a new signing

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I forgot all about cohen nice to have him on his way to full fitness we will need him this season

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Should be vice captain after Reid.

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Cohen should be the Captain full stop. Best player at Forest by a Mile.

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Andy Reid is a better player than Cohen

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I know we're skint but I hate it when a player comes back from injury and the club uses it to gloss over the lack of signings, by saying it's like a new signing

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They say it's like a new signing, because it is. There's no glossing over anything when sc is involved. That's why I like him as a manager. He has also said he is going to have to trade some strikers, for defenders. Not much gloss in that statement now is there.
Stop looking at the negative in every story and you might just enjoy life a bit more.

Hoppers u1

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Ah good. Glad hes back. Will be another one to sell to balance the books.

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It isn't like a new signing though. We signed him years ago. It's a player returning from injury, not a new signing

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Yes well done, you are dead right, it is not a new signing.
The fact that sc, since he has been in charge, has not been able to call upon Cohen, he is, to him, like a new signing.
Why come on a be so pedantic?? It's a old football saying. We all know he isn't a new signing, hence the added 'he's like.....' to the '......a new signing'.
Really looking forward to seeing Cohen back in the garibaldi. 110% player (yes mr pedantic I know this is impossible) that we have missed.

Hoppers u1

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Chris Cohen makes the team tick, has done always will, if he was a yard quicker he would have been in the prem 2 years ago.

Agent 279

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Agreed Hoppers u1.
Cohen definitely feels like a new signing and is a much needed great addition to our squad.
So whilst we may have lost McCleary / Bamford / Morgan recently Forest as a squad has pretty much gained Blackstock and Cohen!
Two pretty good additions to the available squad in my book.
If we can keep Lynch and perhaps bring in Wooten or Elokobi/Cunningham we'll be OK.

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11 May 2012 09:56:40
Canadian billionaire Lawrence Tanenbaum (owner of Maple Leaf sports and entertainment) iminantly to be confirmed to have bought Nottingham Forest

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Says in negotiations, not brought

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Billionaire lawrance Tanenbaum leading the race to become new forest owner according to the sun newspaper

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If your spelling was better you would be more believable. you just saw that he is one of a few on the sun website

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So what you've done there is take one snippet of news from the sun, that says he is leading the race to buy forest, and transformed it into a definite 'imminent deal'. why bother?

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Like the look of that - from The Stun though... Just checked his Wiki profile which reads :
'He is set be the new owner of British soccer team Nottingham Forest in June 2012 after his takeover bid has been accepted by Seymour Pierce'.

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Its on wikipedia but that means nothing, I'll believe it when i see it! Hope its true though

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First name to be mentioned, hope it's true ! O think we need good news after McCleary moving to reading :( but hey ho we will have new exciting wingers come in and get us off our seats at the city ground ! If sure of it

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Go on lawrence tanenbaum wikipedia profile and go to the bottom it says he is set to take over nottingham forest in june 2012 after his bid to takeover has been accepted by seymore pierce.

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How you know?

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I posted the original post... No i did not get any "snippit" from the Sun newspaper... I do not read that trash! Anyway... I have it from a reliable source from Nottingham Forest Football Club that this is a dead cert to happen shortly. All negative comments are welcome and also your sorrys will be welcome when i say "i told you so"

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Dont were this has come from. It does not say diddly squat on wiki. Also Tanenbaum (MLSE) already owns Toronto FC and expressed interest in a Premier League Club

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It's in the Evening Post now

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ANYONE CAN EDIT WIKIPEDIA! Nothing has been confirmed, a month ago it was a chinese fella, and few weeks back he was an arab. Not holding my breath!

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Listen, I'm not saying it won't happen, I'm saying you've taken it out of context. And anyway, you blatantly did get it from the Sun so stop lying. BS MAN

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For the person taken the mick out of someone not spelling correctly, Back off they might be dyslexic, how do you think that makes them feel?

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Would they understand what the comment said?

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I live in Toronto, and this is true. Toronto journalist on talksport as I write. Beware though. MLSE, who Tannebaum owns have not won anything with TFC, or the Maple Leafs. Very autocratic ownership, but I fear this would be more like the Hicks / Gillet scenario with Liverpool. I'm a Forest fan, living in Toronto listening to talksport, and this is true

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Lets just wait and see, money cant buy the League just look at the idiots in Leicester they have spent millions and bought a load of rubbish. If this is true i hope it can happen as soon as possible to give the Manager time to recruit a first team for next season.

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Evening Post is Nottingham Post!
A daily?

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Im the original poster, I now have a time scale of things. Takeover will be complete by monday June 11th! Remember I said this. Red rich

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A Canadian billion is only 100 English million and at 1.63$ ti the then his net worth is about 65 million which won't cover the Doughty loan!

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We've not exactly won a lot anyway. If we don't get a buyer soon there might not be a forest

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The journalist on TalkSport said no more than has already come out in the press. Nothing concrete at all here

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I think it's 647 million pounds doing the Maths so more than enough, always some downers out there

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I'm sure that this guy knows what he is doing, he is a wealthy man who has made his money through sports ventures. People that post comments about lack of wealth well if you were so succsessful may be you could buy the the club. Until then shut up and support the Reds.

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We are presuming they mean Canadian dollars rather than pounds but because of the lack of information this claim provides we know nothing, for all we know his gross worth could be all tied up in assets and shares

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Lawrence has pulled out

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Just think what site you are on its called {Rumours} for a reason? so stop moaning and picking up on spelling checks all the time

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Corporate Communications Director of Maple Leaf Sport & Entertainment, Rajani J. Kamath, had confirmed to Canadian Press Room: "Our understanding is that there is no truth to the reported rumour." - 2012-05-11 EST 22:58PM @radioreece

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According to Canadian Press Room, the representative for the guy says it's all completely untrue. Teach anyone to trust what the Sun says...

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Well hopefully there are negotiations with someone. at least we all felt (vaguely) optimistic for a day

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"Completely untrue" and "Our understanding It's untrue" are not the same thing. Not saying there is any truth to it but there statement is just a denial of the rumor without actually denying it.

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If this does happens will our new nick name be the mighty mapels

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A denial of a rumour means nothing. They would hardly be shouting about it until a deal is done.

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NDA prevents any potential buyer from confirming anything!
Am sure interested parties are jockeying for positions as we speak, It's a good opportunity and not every day the Double European Cup winners come up for sale!
If any other teams that have won the cup twice were up for sale it would only be Man Utd. and Liverpool to add to us in the UK.
We are in esteemed company and sometimes we forget that and shouldn't.

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If any of you lot lived in or around Toronto as I do you'd know that this guy is connected with Maple leaf Sports and Entertainment which includes The Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey team and The Toronto Raptors neither of which is going anywhere, both teams missed the playoffs and the Leafs especially seem to be going backwards in that they haven't made the playoffs in years and are tyhe laughing stock of the NHL. So don't look at this guy as a possible savior

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