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12 Jan 2012 18:54:38
Forest in for matt tubbs of crawley not heard of this guy but a swap for mcgoldrick n 50% sell on fee if tubbs gets sold by forest what do u think anything to get rid of goaldrought

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Sounds rather fanciful; would be very happy if it wasn't just made up!

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How have you not heard of him?He has been a goalscoring sensation in non-league for the past 5 years.27 yr old now though so would be a huge gamble.

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Ian Wright came late to game and he scored a few!

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Wright was 21.

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12 Jan 2012 10:19:46
Forest have taken centre back Román Torres on trial, with a view to a season long loan from Atlético Nacional (Colombia)

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Wheres your source? In your cupboard next to the can of beans? Come on if your going to make up rumours atleast make then believable

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I didn't make the original post, but to the guy above - check twitter and you'll see that Sport Chippers has confirmed he's on trial

So how about being a little less cynical from now on?

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It's in todays Evening Post.

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12 Jan 2012 17:41:53
Roman Torres is having a trial with Nottingham Forest

You can select English from the drop down list and translate.

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SC says on trial but long way from offer....lack of english a big problem apparently.

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12 Jan 2012 10:16:47
SC has offered a contract to released Swansea winger Dave Cotterill until the end of the season!

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Would be great this. He played for Pompey under Cotterill who extended his loan till the end of the season. He obviously rates him.

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Not going to happen unless someone leaves!

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Failed at swansea, Wigan, sheffield united, only evr good at bristol city his 1st club, what exactly would he bring to our squad....

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I reckon doughty would fund this til the end of the season, its just like having a loan signing in, could be good for us even if just to bolster the squad and he isnt old either

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He has only been released today so to say he has already been offered a contract is either wishfull thinking or a bit of bully.

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Rumour has it he's been training with Leicester with a view to being offered a deal.

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Is currently at Fester so get your facts right!

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He is not at fester, sc has confirmed he is with man up and admit your wrong

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Where did you read this he was with us? just interested

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12 Jan 2012 09:28:14
Roman Torres the latest rumour to be signing for Forest! A big CB alot of experience (Although only 25) and played for his country 33 times!

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No one in until someone many more times!

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No one in until someone leaves - but Harewood came in....

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Robin Chipperfield confirmed Roman Torres is on trial, although we shouldn't read too much into it. Lots of clubs take on triallists and it doesn't automatically mean they will sign them up.

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At 5 ft 11 not exactly a big CB

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On loan for the rest of the season from South America.Probably on peanuts and will take him 6/8 weeks to get used to the pace of the Championship.

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Findley has been with us for over a year ans still not used to the pace of the championship:)

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He's not big vertically, he is quite "wide" though.

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He is big and mean. I'm a kung fu master and I wouldn't mess with him.

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Harewood in because Miller on way out. Try reading what the manager says one in until someone leaves and new contracts for Lynch etc a priority;

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You've contradicted yourself. Miller isn't out(yet) and Harewood is in(now). Not saying Miller isn't going, just pointing out that you're the on that sounds like a muppet.

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Harewood is on a small wage, thats why it's possible. Probably taken from some of the money we would have been paying McClaren. Because SC will be on much less than SM was.

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Harewoods minimal wage being paid by the club because insurance money is covering the wages of the longer term injured. He was bought in as a cut price replacement for Miller but Boro pulled out of deal due to injury and the Cov guy becoming available. Simple basic football stuff..capiche!?! Any person that thinks this club has money to spend when we are living on pennies and hawking players around the league is a complete muppet.

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