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12 Mar 2012 19:59:49
Ed 001 have u heard any thing of this norweigan oil bloke wanting to buy us.cheers pal. {Ed001's Note - I don't know anything about that one. All I have heard is that there were a large number of enquiries, the usual load of timewasters and I think it was 6 serious ones. Judging by previous buyouts, I expect only 2 or 3 of those to make a set offer.}

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Ed 001 thnx for ur reply mate.u seem no ur hw long do u fink everyfing will take untill we have new owner.or do we still need to wait for something regarding mr nigel doughty (rip) thanx again. Great site by the way love it.cheers. Flash red {Ed001's Note - the situation is complicated by having to go through a lot more legal issues than a normal sale. It really comes down to the will and what it says. There could be conditions in the will that buyers have to meet. Without having access to that, I couldn't even give you an idea of how long it will take, I am not sure if a copy has been made public or not?}

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12 Mar 2012 14:44:34
Anyone heard about a punch up between Tudgay & Anderson on Tuesday night ? Rumour that Anderson has a broken nose & said that he will not play for the club again ??..........Newark Red

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Good I hate ando he's a right bell end !

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I've heard of this too and someone's upset findley

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According to the bloke on forest freedom tudgay questionned the decision to drop reid.Ando jumped in about himself not being picked,tudgay said its cos hes a muppet.Ando squared up to him and got smacked

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I heard chambers and lynch refused to play centre back together and so lynch was playing midfield. Not sure if it's true because I wasn't at the match, could anyone confirm it? I also heard tudgay and Anderson had a fall out

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Who upset findley and y.i hope he gets played i fink he is a good player. Thnx

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Findley as good player? Is he ?

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Someone should have slapped Findley as well.

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Ando is out 4 the season, so will probably not play for Forest again. Deffo injured. Not heard anything about a fall out but would be shocked about the Tudgay thing. Cotterill defo put his foot in his mouth with Findley though as there were no rumors flying around that i had heard until that interview.


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Army wot happened with findley?i live in bolton nw so missed out in what happened but really want to no as i like findley.cheers

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Cotteril in the post-match interview when asked why Robbie Findley was poor, said im not talking about anything that goes on in the changing room. But he has no first touch, so he just cant get the ball under control so continually loses possession.

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12 Mar 2012 15:03:02
West Brom very keen on taking Chambers for nothing this summer. JPT

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I bet lots of clubs are keen on taking him for nothing.

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They can have him hes rubbish

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12 Mar 2012 10:14:23
John Fredriksen from Norway will be buying Nottingham Forest in the next couple of weeks now that probate is sorted out.

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Worth US$10 billion, looks a bit dodgy, holds Cyprus passport though he was born in Norway. Has to be the Norwegian connection: "We've got the whole world in our hands" by the '79 Forest squad got to Number 1 in Norway.

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Technically he's a cypriot and he owns Vålerenga in Norway already. Does FIFA let you own two clubs?

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Mr Fredriksen is a shipping magnate with a fortune Forbes puts at $10.7bn, if he did want to buy us........Oh go on then!

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I thought he was a Tranmere fan and had a mansion in London?

Sounds very unlikely... unless someone spotted him drilling a test well in the main stand car park?!

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Hope not , he's a Tranmere rovers fan , so no intrest in forest , any I've heard Branson has been seen at the city ground

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Do you mean the Pickle magnet?

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No that's BRANSTON you 1st class pickle

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If you go to ther's this about him plus a photo and one of his two gorgeous blond daughters who help run some of his companies: now there's a thought!

John Fredriksen and familyRank: 7 Worth: 6,200m

John Fredriksen is a Norwegian-born Cypriot oil tanker and shipping tycoon, owner of the world's largest oil tanker fleet, and was Norway's richest man until he chose to abandon his Norwegian citizenship and take up a Cypriot passport after the Norwegian government tightened the tax regime. Norwegian magazine Kapital listed Fredriksen in 2010 with a net worth of NOK 69 billion ($13 billion USD). Through his investment companies Hemen Holdings and Meisha, Fredriksen controls the companies Frontline and Golar LNG from London.

He also has major interests in the offshore driller SeaDrill, the fish farming company Marine Harvest the dry bulk company Golden Ocean Group, and supply vessel company Deep Sea Supply. Fredriksen also recently announced that Frontline through acquisitions and options and secured 9,6% of the worlds largest shipholding company Overseas Shipholding Group.

He is now the world's largest tanker owner, with more than seventy oil tankers, and major interests in oil rigs and fish farming. His fleet is dominated by costly double-hulled, environmentally safer tankers.

He built the bedrock of his fortune in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s when his tankers braved the fighting to pick up oil at huge profit. In 1996 he acquired control of the Frontline shipping operation. His stakes in it and five other companies quoted on the Oslo, German or New York exchanges are worth 5 billion.

A Family AffairSome of Fredriksen company boards include his 27-year-old twin daughters, Kathrine and Cecilie.

Cecilie graduated from London Metropolitan University and her directorships include Frontline, the Fredriksen company said to be the world's biggest tanker operator. She also sits on the board of Seawell, which took control of an American oil services firm in a 500m deal last year. The CV of Kathrine, who attended the European Business School in London, includes Arcadia Petroleum.

But it's not all work and no play for the sisters. Kathrine was reported to be using crutches decorated with Swarovski crystals after breaking her leg in a fall. The heiresses and their 66-year-old father spend much of their time in London.

He is a generous donor to medical research. The Inger and John Fredriksen Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation commemorates his wife, who died in 2006.

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This would be great just to see the rabid scousers faces.
Fredriksen makes Festers owner look like a seller of cheap fags and booze...hang on...he is!

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It's going through, just had an update the sticking point was explaining Forests losses, that has been concluded to the satisfaction of both legal teams.

Good times ahead for us Reds fans!

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Ha let's be honest, it's b*****s isn't it? I'd love it to happen but it's not going to. It's forest! we don't get lucky like that

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The sticking point was explaining forest's losses?

John Fredriksen: yeah alright I'll buy u
Mark Arthur: brilliant, shake on it...
John Fredriksen: wait a minute...what are all these losses?
Mark Arthur: oh them? they don't matter. shake on it...
John Fredriksen: ha no seriously what are these losses here? says the club loses 12.5 million a year
Mark Arthur: does it? oh right yeah so it does, well...
John Fredriksen: it looks like wage structure...
Mark Arthur: does it? i think all football clubs lose 12.5 million a year...
John Fredriksen: no they don't you liar. who's the manager?
Mark Arthur: err his name's steve
John Fredriksen: steve what?
Mark Arthur: steve...coterrill
John Fredriksen: who's he?
Mark Arthur: oh he erm, he was at portsmouth. they were going to sack him but we paid them compensation anyway.
John Fredriksen: why did you do that?
Mark Arthur: well we needed a manager quick. you have to understand, the season was 2 months old. we had to make a quick decision.
John Fredriksen: so is he qualified to run the club? what's he done in the past?
John Fredriksen: well, he got notts county promotion. and he took cheltenham into the football-
John Fredriksen: who?
Mark Arthur: Cheltenham. he took them into the football league.
John Fredriksen: then what?
Mark Arthur: er well he went to stoke... and burnley...and county, like i said. oh and yeah he was at portsmouth.
John Fredriksen: did he do anything special at portsmouth?
Mark Arthur: erm. yeah he. he erm, ammended the wage structure by 30%
John Fredriksen: and where were they in the league?
Mark Arthur: who?
John FredriksenL portsmouth you idiot!
Mark Arthur: they were....i think...18th/19th? something like that?
John Fredriksen: and where were you in the league?
Mark Arthur: errrm, we were in the bottom half somewhere...
John Fredriksen: where were you in the league you little weasel?
Mark Arthur: erm, near the bottom. in fact i think we were only a point or two behind portsmouth.
John Fredriksen: and where are you in the league now?
Mark Arthur: ooo, a solid 20th.
John Fredriksen: okay. so how do you explain the lack of improvement?
Mark Arthur: well, the squad was very unbalanced.
John Fredriksen: and why was that?
Mark Arthur: well it's been a tough couple of years financially, everyone's struggling, times are tough, things go up and down, you know how it is
John Fredriksen: Margaret, I'll ask you again. why was the squad unbalanced?
Mark Arthur: we erm, let a lot of our good players go for free last summer. 9 of them in fact.
John Fredriksen: 9?!
Mark Arthur: erm...yes.
John Fredriksen: why man?!
Mark Arthur: well we were gunna get new ones.
John Fredriksen: with what money?
Mark Arthur: -
John Fredriksen: have you ever run a sports club before Margaret?
Mark Arthur: it's Mark, Mr Fredriksen
John Fredriksen: I don't care. have you ever run a sports club before?
Mark Arthur: yes of course. i ran nottinghamshire county cricket club.
John Fredriksen: and how did you do there?
Mark Arthur: i'd prefer not to say.
John Fredriksen: let me put it another way matthew. if steve cotterill managed to reduce the wage bill at portsmouth by 33% and forest's wage bill, which you've been overseeing in recent seasons, shouldn't steve cotterill have taken your job?
Mark Arthur: m, m, m, me sir?
John Fredriksen: yes you!
Mark Arthur: but i'm the chief executive!
John Fredriksen: if i buy this club, you're going to get sacked. do u still want me to buy the club?
Mark Arthur: errrrrrrm. no.
John Fredriksen: that's very selfish matthew
Mark Arthur: to be fair, I am quite selfish
John Fredriksen: yes I thought you were
Mark Arthur: in fact I'm so selfish that i encouraged the sacking of billy davies, the best manager this club's had in years, solely because we didn't get on.
John Fredriksen: you b**tard...
Mark Arthur: I know, right!

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I'm gonna have good dreams tonight

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"It's going through, just had an update the sticking point was explaining Forests losses, that has been concluded to the satisfaction of both legal teams. "

Oh please, if he needed that explained then he knows zero about football, yet he already owns two clubs? At least make your made up rumours believable.

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"It's going through, just had an update the sticking point was explaining Forests losses, that has been concluded to the satisfaction of both legal teams. "

'Oh please, if he needed that explained then he knows zero about football, yet he already owns two clubs? At least make your made up rumours believable.'

whilst it wasn't my rumour, forests losses will require some explaining.

at least half of the losses are paper write offs, the club doesn't actually lose 12m a year

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Apparently he tried to buy tottenham a few seasons back

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Yawn. There's always someone who has to find a conspiracy.

1 to 10 there'll be a rumour in 2 days time that he's pulled out because of "accounting irregularities" or some bullcrap.

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Some people on here have far to much time on their hands.

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It's definitely NOT Branson, I mean as if, There's no such thing as a Virgin in Nottingham!

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Ha Ha, like to know which 40 year old disagreed with that!

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