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12 May 2012 13:33:39
Former QPR chairman Gianni Paladini is in talks with Nottingham Forest.

The Daily Mail says Paladini has had talks with the executors of the estate of late Nottingham Forest owner Nigel Doughty over a future role at the club.

The link with Paladini is through Doughty's son Michael being on QPR's books.

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We seem to attract Houdini.....he keeps getting away.

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Can anyone confirm this was in the mail, as it is not on there website?

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Sorry mate this isnt true is company maple sports have totaly denied any contact with forest

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To the sorry guy what you on about they are two different people

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12 May 2012 13:30:34
Sky saying O'Driscoll to be named next Crawley manager. Hope Cotterill won't go back to playing the dross we were playing before O'Driscoll arrived.

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SOD would be the biggest loss to forest....sack cotterball employ Sean now...pass and move nor hoofball

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That's a sad piece of news. what's happened to Rob Kelly or whatever his name is. He seems to have been the invisible man since Cotterill arrived. Mind you, I prefer that to whenhe was visible earlier in the season. Can't we get shut of him and let cotterill choose his own assistant (which I'd have hoped would have been O'Driscoll). Another hope shattered!

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It jus proves mccleary is in it for the money 10 k to stay n get first team football or go to reading n sit on bench on more wages cuz Kebe n mccnuff r better

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Who cares? He was just a coach. Anyone who thinks he had a radical effect on our team is just on a anti-cotterill bender and needs to calm down and actually examine some evidence.

Personally I think the fact that we got guediora, cunningham, higginbotham etc in and got rid of morgan at the same time had a much much larger effect than any coach possibly could. They were actually playing the football after all.

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JUST a coach. To the person who posted that: You would have been watching League 1 football next season if the loan players hadn't come in & SOD hadn't instilled some basic disciplines & game plans. SC didn't appear to have a clue before he arrived.
OBTW: that is if you have ever paid to watch a match.

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SOD turned our season around,only when he came did we play anything like decent football hope SC took note

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O'Driss is going to be a BIG loss for Steve Collateral (damage). When O'Driss turned up it was the turning point. If there is one person Forest should do their level best to keep, it's O'Driss.

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12 May 2012 03:43:04
Nottingham forest player of the season McCleary has joined reading on free

i know he will be getting more money and premiership football but its reading they could do worse then derby

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With new investment lined up, they might do well too. Mcleary can't lose really because if he doesn't make it, he can always return to the championship but with a much healthier bank balance. Perhaps had we have offered half the money Miller is getting to Mcleary realier in the season, he'd have signed again. Then, whoever wanted him, they'd have had to pay good money and we'd have got our investment in him back 100 fold. Rubbish management...and I don't mean Cotterill.

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It was inevitable when you think about it. don't blame mcleary. if someone offered to treble your wage, you'd bite their hand of. good luck to him, hope he does well

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The person who wrote the starting post would you have paid mccleary that before the Leeds game...if you say yes your crazy...he has had a good half of a season

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Were does it say this? Can't find the news anywhere

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Been at cricket today and spoke to an ex player who said chambers is going to fester, then spoke to a current staff member who said the same. The problem for chambers is that his ego is bigger than his talent.

Agent 279

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Bloke was in and out for 4 yrs and 7 months. constantly thanking SC for playing him and now repaid the club by leaving......

however, if the player dont want to play for the club then so what. no player is bigger. If chambers wants to go then fine, take miller with him

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Bit of a joke really seems mccleary was offered a 3 year contract at 10 grand a week and is not going to stay.even though he has proved to be a decent player he was only a bit player up to christmas so lets move on and bye bye gareth...

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I don't see how you can blame the management for this. At the start of the season he had not proven himself and ultimately was not worth an investment over three years. By the time he had 'proved' himself we had no owner and no cash to offer him a deal. Good luck to the lad, we would all choose to play against the Wayne Rooney's or David Silva's, rather than Theo Robinson and Paul Konchesky.

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Regarding mccleary, there have been many games when I would have kicked him the Trent, however when he had to step up to the plate, he did. It looks like he may well have trebled his wages so good luck to the kid.

Agent 279

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Mccleary might of signed with reading but got 2 weeks left on contract so no movement will happen yet

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Reading won't do worse than derby, nobody will do worse than derby for a while, if ever.

it's the way of the world, reading offered him 15k a week and premier league football. we could offer neither of those things so we move on.

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McCleary Has gone to reading on a free transfer, how annoying...

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Bring back billy and get sean o driscoll as assitant,cmon new investers be a gud team and get our mighty reds built up ready for the pre-seasons.

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Think it's a bit of a risk. Could be a Chambo one season wonder so 10k offer from Forest was good but we can't compete with Prem.

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McCleary did have a few good games for us & got a few goals but before the leeds game he was a bit player 10 grand a week was a good offer but it was a gambel he would be the same player we seen in the last part of the season & he is prone to injury,hold on sounds like anouther Mc we have & look at him

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Good riddance to the prima na not worth 10.000 a well let alone 15.000 he well next season probably be out injured again. we dont need players who think they are better than the club. look at lowere lagues and get some young hungry under 25 year old who will want less and more than likely be a lot better player.

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Mckenna Mcgoldrick Mcgugan

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Complete nonsense... The agent that represents both wanted 15k for McCleary, and 10K for Lynch. Forest have offered round 7k to Lynch... Forest have not given up hope on a deal for Lynch but complicated by the fact BHA have an interest in re-signing the Centre back...

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Why bother with the bd comment? Its not going to happen, 1. We dont have the money to 2. Marthur is still at the club so that wont work cause they we're the 2 moaning about each other he got on with doughty quite well and 3. You're living in the past still, bd was great dont get me wrong but he always used to moan about everything and lets say he comes back and doesnt do well. Are you going to sack cotrill for bd then bd for another manager? Of course not its not good buisness to keep paying managers off if that scenario was to happen

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