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13 Jan 2012 16:55:11
i keep on hearing forest are looking at matt tubbs,
any one no if its true?

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Would be nice,he knows where the goals are,couldnt be no worse than we've already got

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All genuine Notts fans wil be appreciative of Forest for this loan - it's good for all reasons and no matter what,Kieran's skill and enthusiasm will be loved at County.We adored Moloney so despite rivalry ,Freeman is on a win win!!

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Great move to send him there, keeps him match fit should we need to call him back. also shows that next season he will be our 1st choice LB as Cotterill is getting him ready for the 1st team

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Who is the bloke who said rivalry? rivalry has to work two ways. not just a small club who looks over the garden fence with envy at its bigger better and more well known naughbour

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Will Cotterill be here next season?
I am beginning to wonder. Last 2 matches his substitutions have been totally inept. He had Radi on the bench V Leicester & put Anderson on & also swapped strikers. He had Reid on BENCH yesterday & didnt use him. What's wrong with the guy. Spent a lot of time writing notes but until he realises that a striker CANNOT score without the ball at his feet......lack of service.....we arn't going anywhere apart from DOWN

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13 Jan 2012 15:53:49
Forest have let freeman go on loan 4 a month 2 notts county, strange as he did so well against lester. Worring times at forest with lack of movement in the window too REDMAN

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What a joke!
We're short on full backs and they let one go, So much for giving our youngsters a chance to cement a place.
Clark and Cotterill hold your heads in shame AGAIN!

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I'm a bit torn on this one. I watched him against Leicester and thought he was one of the best players on the pitch, but that said I also think Cunningham is a very good player, and given our current plight and that I understand he's fit again he probably edges it based on experience. On that basis, it's a good idea for him to go out on loan and play 1st team football for Notts than reserve team for us, plus it's only a 30 day emergency loan so it's not like it's a long time

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I'd have told county to jog on how they slag us off

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He did well against Leicester (although Danns started to get the better of him second half), but Cunningham is first choice. I assume we'll be able to recall him if he's needed. I think it'll be good if he gets 3 or 4 league games under his belt, rather than non-league football.

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Sensible move to get him some more experience, he could be recalled in an emergency. Bamford to go out soon for the remainder of the season, also good news he's going to be a big player for us (or earn us a decent fee!).
Don't blame Forest for lack of transfer activity, we can't MAKE other clubs put in offers for our players!

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He won't getting near our first team, unless of injuries, so let notts pay his wages and have a 24hr call back in the for the fool who is having a dig at sc and fc, stop seeing everything as a negative and grow up a bit.
Why bothered saying your a supporter of my team, when all you do is moan about everything.

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Could be part of a deal for a Notts player coming our way - maybe?

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I would suggest Freeman will be recalled after today's debacle!

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13 Jan 2012 06:31:55
SC is hoping that the trial of Roman Torres is a successful because Wolves have enquired about Luke Chambers again. It is looking more likely New deals won't offered to existing players after M'boro dropped interest in Miller. Board want cash for Chambers now.

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Hope so. chambers so overated.

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Captaincy killed him , lynch is our boy

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There was an artical a couple of years ago on sky sports when Blackpool enquired about him. Was voted the best defender in 2008 and considered a hidden gem with the likes of Palacios & Antonio Valencia so think what you want of this.

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Captaincy didn't kill him in my opinion. Camp, Morgan, Chambers and Gunter nowhere near standards of last season. It was a problem across the whole defence, not just Chambers being given the armband.

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How can you disagree with the post from sky sports?

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Some fans make me laugh. I would say 70% of fans loved chambers and 90% hated Joel lynch but because chambo not at his best we all want him shipped out. U fans r a joke. I could understand if he was totally shocking, who else we got for back may I ask and he can play right aswell

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When chambers came to CG and Wilson and Morgan were first choice centre halfs everyone slated Chambers. he was awesome last year but blame goes across the whole back not just on chambo. hwoever he should not have been given the armband

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Freeman looked ok for a young un, but he is right footed, not best fro left back, but typical for us!

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When Chambers first came to this club he was a poor defender and rightly so was behind Morgan and Wilson, last season he get his head down and worked hard then with Wilson off to Celtic he got his chance and took it well, he become a tower of strengh in an over performing team. he played above his natural ability because of the great management by Billy Davis. However this season has seen the Chambers of old, the player he was 2 yrs ago struggling to get in the team. This is Chambers natural ablity now with Davis gone. the worse thing that happened to Chambers was not the being made captian it was winning Player of the Year last season! Players can often think they have made it and no longer put that extra work in which makes them over perform. This is what I belive has happened to Chambers a average player who thinks he is the top man now at nffc. now take Lynch we see the same thing happening he is getting his head down and working hard which is paying off just like Chambers did last season.

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If Mick Mccarthy really thinks Chambers is a Prem defender then he really needs to look at his own ability as a manager!

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How many times did I read quotes by Billy Davis saying that one day Lynch will be a top centre half, and he is a manager who know football

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Whoa! it was Colin Calderwood who constantly told us Joel Lynch had a good game!

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'cept even Smoulders didnt play him as often as he should have, and very very rarely in CB position...I thnk Lynch is great have done for ages. Whereas I absultely agree with the earlier poster about Chambo and the fact he needed BD to get the best out of him. Id even say the same for McGugan as well. SC and before him SM cant motivate in the same was as BD

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Difference between Lynch & Chambers? One has ball skills.
I do feel sorry for Chambo but last season he was part of a team who were playing decent football & his inadequacies were papered over...this season he is totally exposed in a team who are not playing well. Captaincy has taken its toll but not root cause for his poor season. He gifted Leicester their first miss last week & his stumbling header gave Saints their first goal yesterday.
He is not the only one. There were "players" out there yesterday walking around as if they didn't give a tihs.
Can anyone see a way out of the mist?

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It was me that said when lynch was on loan with forest and everyone hated him that i said "lynch will become a premier league defender" :)

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Chambers at fault for first goal with the poor attempt at an header. When he tried to get back it looked like he was running in treacle in as a contestant in the biggest loser.

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Chambers actually had a good game yesterday against the saints obviously before he got sent off but if he didn't it would have been a very different game!

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Different game are you mad...Sadly southampton had the game well under control...we just dont create enough and the few chances we do create we can't take....can't believe radi wasn't in the squad anyone know why?

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Until the sending-off we had more chances, more shots, more corners... We just lack belief.

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We had one shot on target all game that says it all. Cotterill must go.
He tinkered again and blew it AGAIN!

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You have got to question the managers ability to get the best from his players, we have got the same defence as last season, but with addition of a decent left back, yet we still can not stop the goals from leaking, Chambers fault for the first goal on Saturday, he missed a simple header. I liked Cotterill at first thought he would do a good job, but i think he is running out of ideas, i did like the pairing of Harewood and Tudgay on Saturday there partnership seemed to get stronger as the game went on, linked up well so it wont be long before they start firing in the goals, but we cant go on the premise that we need to score more than the other team because we cant defend.

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